This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


9. Niall want...

Weeks went by and I was on my guard. I watched over Lilly like a hawk and let barely Niall to be alone with her. We needed blood and we killed! I become one that I had fought against. I became a monster, but every time I was filled with fresh blood, my body felt reborn. When I felt the blood flowing out of my veins, I couldn't pull back the vampire in me. Niall and I had sex every time we had killed, after that, I kept myself away from his body. Maybe I used him? I don't know, but I still felt the same uncertainty against him.


One evening, I sat in the library and went through my boxes of photographs. Lilly came in and sat down beside me. We started to look at our old life, and I saw that she was quieter against what she used to be.
"I miss our old life sometimes!" she whispered, as if she was afraid to admit it.
"I know, darling!" I whispered gently against her and smiled. "I also miss our house and what we had. We had a good life?"
Lilly nodded and met my gaze.
"Mom, it'll be like this forever? Fact that we are in the castle and never down in the village?"
I swallowed
"Tell me if you want to go there, so I can drive you. At worst we walk?"
She nodded and looked at me closely. She looked at me and I wasn't sure why. In the end, she put away the photos.
"Mom, are you happy?"
"How do you mean?"

She got that look on her face that she always had when she mused.
"You laughed a lot in the past and we always talked to each other. Here you are more serious, and you don't say much to me!"
I didn't know what to say. Should I tell the truth and tell her that I wanted to get away from Niall? Should I mention that the castle made ​​me feel bad, even if Niall had changed everything.
"There's much to think about!" I said, but she saw that I was lying.
"Just because I like my room and all the things, you don't have to tell me an untruth!"
I laughed a little bit.
"That's okay, when we live where I don't have to hide my identity!"
She understood.
"And if I become a vampire?"
I instantly became cold in the body and shook my head. I took my hand and pulled it through her ​​hair.
"You shouldn't fall into the temptation to be like me. It sounds like a dream, but it's no dream. It's a struggle and I don't want to let you go into that life!"


Niall came in and right away we fell silent. He looked bewildered, but saw that we looked at our old photographs.
"Memories?" he got out of himself and Lilly nodded immediately. I was surprised at how good she was at lying with her eyes. She picked up a photo of her as a kid.
"You haven't seen these, right? I was only a few months old!"
Niall came over to us and placed next to her. They slowly started to go through our old life, and I saw at him that he wanted to know everything.
"Here I walk for the first time!" Lilly said. "Mom said she had to run after me all the time after that day, so that I wouldn't beat me!"
Niall laughed lightly and then looked at me. It was one of those warm eyes, and he filled me with hope. Perhaps he had understood why I was so against him and maybe he would cherish the love that he had for his daughter?


Somewhere found Niall and Lilly each other. He no longer had to buy her love, and he could just be himself. She loved to listening to his stories about his life and he loved to listen to stories about her much shorter life. I chose to stand outside and let them get the contact between each other. I couldn't just go in and ruin everything. Lilly wouldn't like it and I also wanted that she would someday understand where we came from. She carried the genes from two different generations.


"You have taken care of her!" Niall said to me one night. "I don't think I understand how you've got to fight and still got such a wonderful daughter."
I actually smiled at him. His words warmed my heart.
"She's a good daughter!" I replied, feeling the whole I was proud of her. Niall smiled and came up to me. He took his arms around my waist and looked into my eyes.
"I never ask you for anything?"
I sighed
"Well when you got me to come here and leave our lives behind us!"
He sighed
"Besides that?"

I realized he had an idea to an question and that soon he would come up with something that he wanted to have or do.
"Say it instead!" I mumbled and directly face lit up. He gave me a light kiss on the cheek.
"I want more children!"
I almost lost my breath. I tore myself away from him and shook the head.
"No Niall! It's enough with Lilly and why?"
He looked disappointed in me and didn't seem to like that I crossed him in everything.
"I haven't seen an new born baby or how it is to celebrate birthdays!" he got out and looked pleadingly at me. "I want to experience all that!"
I sighed and stretched out my arms.
"In a castle, you can't raise children in this place. The kid will fall down the stairs and who will fit a baby when we are out looking for blood?"

Niall sighed and pulled me straight into his arms. He looked pleadingly at me.
"I've seen on TV that there are nanny!"
I shook my head again. (And to him I shook much on the head!)
"I don't want others to take care of my baby Niall!"
He sighed and tried to catch my eye.
"We'll solve it!"
I didn't want to solve it and he saw it on my whole body. He didn't like the reaction and immediately he tried to figure out a plan, so he got as he wanted. I saw it at him and I felt it all over.
"What happens to the child when he or she gets old enough? Are you going to breed a new vampire family that takes over the world?"

Niall shook his head and looked into my eyes. He thought still and I noted that he wouldn't surrender or give up.
"No!" I said therefore short and tore myself from him. "I don't want to have children and not with you!"

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