This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


14. Leave the old

Niall noticed nothing and Louis began slowly to recover completely. He already knew what he could do, because he had worked for Niall for years. The only thing he had difficult to do was to hide his feelings for me. At first I wondered if he loved me just because I had bitten him? After a while I realized that he had loved me before I bit him. This led to shared feelings and I didn't know what I would do. If I left Niall would get hurt. If I stayed, Louis would get hurt.


In the end, I did the right thing. Lilly was now sixteen, and I knew that my days as a mom were numbered. I knew that soon I had to let her go and let her live for herself. Therefore, I chose a night when we were home alone. Lilly sat on her bed, reading, when I came in to her.


"I have a serious question and you don't need to answer today!" 
She looked at me and saw that I wanted to talk seriously. She laid aside the book and smiled weakly. I sat on the bed and swallowed.
"I have fallen between two choices. One is to remain with Niall and take care of everything as usual. Then I know it'll work out for you, but I'm not sure I will be happier. The second choice's that we flee along with Louis and leave everything behind us!"

Lilly just stared at me and almost shouted.
"You mean leave dad and move with Louis?"
I nodded and looked down at my hands.
"You know that I'm not exactly fond of your dad the same way that he ..." I paused and tried to find the words. "I feel solid when I'm with him!"

To my great surprise smiled Lilly up and hugged me disturbed. She laughed a little bit and let me go then.
"Mom! If you don't want me to come along and fly with you. It's okay!. About a year or so, I'm ready to take care of myself and if I stay will Dad not looking for you."
I was scared.
"But ..."
She interrupted me.
"I have to sooner or later let you go and I know you will find me wherever I'm in the world., I can take care of my dad in another year!"

I just wanted to cry.
"But I'm not ready to let you go!"
She smiled big and hugged me again.
"Mom, you can't watch over me like a hawk in a lifetime! Louis is kinder to you and I see that he cares about you!"
I felt the tears came and I held her tightly against my body
"I love you so much!"
"You know I will always will love you, Mom, as long as I live!"


Louis and I chose to get a passport, money and collect that kind of piece. We chose to let all clothes remain and slowly we started plan to escape. Niall didn't notice anything, but when he was home, I barely talked with Louis.


"When are you leaving?" asked Niall one day and looked the cold at Louis. "I think you're keen enough to leave us now?"
I felt my whole body became numb, but Louis could play good theater. He sighed lightly and then looked at Niall.
"Okay, give me a week and then I leave!"
Niall nodded content and then looked at me.
"Listen, Darling! Your little protégé will leave us."


Seven days we had left. Seven small days and I panicked. I was with Lilly as much as I could and when we only had two days left, she pulled me into a room.
"Mom, when Dad leaves the house to night, you disappear!"
I swallowed
"You mean this night?"
She nodded
"Otherwise, he will be ready to stop you when Louis must leave us., You must escape now or never!"
Louis heard what she said and came in to us. He gave me a knowing look.
"She's right!"
I felt the tears came (as it often did when I thought about the fact that I would leave Lilly behind me) and I looked at them desperately.
"Can't we wait until tomorrow?"
Lilly shook her head and smiled then against Louis.
"Take care of my mom and visit me when you can!"


When Niall went out to look for blood, we did it. Louis had bought a motorcycle, because we could easily find our way on roads and could also take forest roads. I put down all the money and that stuff we would have with us in a backpack. Then I hugged Lilly hard.
"I love you!"
She cried, but she was trying to prove to be strong for us.
"Take care mom!"
I nodded and then sat behind Louis on motorcycle. We put on our helmets and then he gassed  off. The last I saw of my daughter was a shadow at the house. I cried so much that I didn't see anything in front of me.

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