This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


13. Be bitten

I hugged Lilly and gave her extra money in her pocket.
"Stay with your friend until I contact you, I don't want you to be at home when it happens!"
Lilly nodded and looked anxiously at me.
"And dad?"
I smiled weakly.
"He only cares about himself and I'm going to care about Louis, whatever he want's!"
She nodded and hugged me tightly one last time.
"So it takes anywhere from a week to a month?!
I nodded
"That said Niall to me when I became a vampire!"


Louis sat new showered in our guest rooms. Niall sighed and looked coldly at me.
"You bite him and when you feel you almost kill him, you stop!"
"Then?" I asked directly.
"Do we have to fill him with blood until he's well again. I will arrange so that we always have blood at home, he will drink a lot!"

Niall disappeared and immediately I felt insecure. Did I do the right thing? Louis smiled at me and he seemed just a little uncertain as I was. He had borrowed clothes from Niall and I noted that he already looks more rested. We both knew where we were going and it would be a long journey.
"It's just to bite me!" he said and immediately I went over to the bed.
"Promise not to get mad if it hurts!"
Louis shook his head.
"I promise!"


I pressed the teeth in him, I sucked the blood, and I felt how I emptied Louis on life. I noted that in the end he didn't seem to be in pain and he almost smiled all the time. When I released him he fell back on the bed and I saw that he wasn't present. I felt his blood ran around me and I felt myself filled with power. To my great surprise, Louis had been right. I cleaned the blood, and I felt his illness disappeared. It surprised me, but it didn't make me shocked. I sat on the bed and watched as Louis fell asleep. I watched him closely and didn't notice that Niall came into the room. He stood in the doorway and looked at us.
"So now he's soon be like us!" he murmured instead. "It will take a day before he wants to drink!"


Niall took care of Louis. He refused to let me be in there alone and I wondered why. He felt threatened by another man? Was he afraid that I would leave him? Niall didn't say much to me and the day could go without we talked once.


Eventually, Louis to revive. He drank the blood, and he almost got colour in the face. I felt relieved and was grateful that he hadn't died. Niall made sure there were always blood around, but one day it ended.
"I have to the hospital and see if I can get more!" he said, but was unsure if he would leave me alone in the house or not. Direct I gave him a knowing look.
"It's not that he's going to kill me and he's not a threat!"
Niall sighed
"I don't anyway like that you are alone with him!"

I gave him a light hug.
"It takes an hour, maybe two. Louis are asleep and I have other things to do than be influenced by him!"
Niall nodded and smiled weakly.
"I'm not used about having a male vampire in the house."

He put on his jacket and looked at me again.
"I love you and you know it?"
I nodded and smiled back. I saw him leave the house and it felt like a relieved feeling.


It took a while before I heard Louis voice.
I realized he wasn't sleeping but I hesitated whether I should go to him or not. I chose to obey my gut feeling and went straight to the bedroom. Louis lay in bed and watched well spirited out. He smiled and I noticed that he no longer looked gaunt. Instead, he looked like fifteen years ago and I was surprised.
"You have been younger?"
He nodded
"Of course I have, I'm a vampire, and they aren't old!"

I went to the bed and sat down uncertainly at the edge. I watched him closely, but couldn't help to smile. It was as if the years hadn't went on and Louis had just driven up in his car to the castle. I remember it like it was yesterday, and he had talked the whole way about life. Now he had partially got his life back.

"I will be grateful to you forever!" he whispered, as if he didn't dared to say the words. "You were the only one I could think of when I became sicker. Everything I planned was to meet you again, but the idea wasn't that Niall would find you!"
I smiled weakly
"But he found me!"
Louis nodded and became more serious. He looked down at his hands and smiled weakly.
"I've always liked you and you have never changed. It doesn't matter how much vampire you are, you are the same person!"

He flirted with me? I saw his eyes and realized that he really was trying to ingratiate himself. I wanted to back away, but at the same time, he was my friend. I couldn't change his feelings than I could change myself.


I didn't believe my own feeling until he kissed me. Louis leaned forward, took my face to his and our lips met. I wanted to say no, but at the same time, I was missing the nearby. Niall had for long time stopped to bothered about love in a human way. He was stiff, straight on and quickly over with it. Louis kissed me so soft that it almost was a tingling in your stomach.
"I have no feelings for you!" I whispered anyway, but Louis just smiled.
"It doesn't matter!"

He pushed me down on the bed and pretty soon he lay on top of me. I followed his movements and then, he began to strip us naked. I did at first resisted, but his lips and his hands made ​​me soften. He moved cautiously and his hands caressed me in a loving way. He made me groan and eventually I followed every move he made. I felt his lips slid down over my breast and he went down on my stomach. When he reached down between my legs, I was completely in his power. I felt that he let his tongue move over my most sensitive part and in the end almost screamed I straight out. He held my thighs hard and I felt his tongue perfectly distributed over clit. I had to take my hands over his head and forced him to be more hard against me. I changed and teeth grew. I felt how our bodies became to the vampires, we were, and we were like crazy. Louis penetrated quickly and hard in me and he lay down on top of me. I felt his teeth bite my skin and I bit him as hard back. We were in a fog and in the end I felt I reached climax. I cried almost straight out and took my legs tightly around his waist. Louis moaned and he came in me. I felt how he filled me and in the end we fell together.


I knew Niall would come back and Louis knew that as well. Nevertheless, he hold me tight and looked into my eyes.
"Leave him!"
I swallowed and shook the head, but Louis didn't give up.
"Niall thinks only about himself and he doesn't care about you. Please follow me and I'll take care of you!"
"Lilly then?"
Louis smiled.
"I can take care of her too!"

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