This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


15. A house by the sea

I don't know what country we came to and I don't know what happened, but we finally came to a house that was on a sandy beach. Maybe it wasn't a luxurious place, but Louis seemed happy. We had been in the air for hours and the only thing I thought about was my daughter. Louis understood and let me be for a while. Instead, he began to renovate the house and I actually saw the progress he made.


"This house was my grandma's once!" he told me one evening. "They died when I was little and when Niall threw me out, I decided to buy it."
I was surprised.
"But you were sick?"
He laughed lightly.
"Yes, I was sick but I wanted to die where I belonged. I thought it would get me to settle down, but instead I went to see you!"
I smiled to him and realized that the house was an important part of his life. Also, I realized how little we had talked about ourselves. I didn't know much about Louis, but I thought he knew everything about me. 
"I have a mom!" he said. "But she doesn't remember me. She's a bit muddled and living at a home in England!"
I followed him with my eyes. Louis had only a pair of pants on and he sawn planks which he put on the façade. I looked at his tattoos on his body. Actually, he was good-looking, which I hadn't thought about before. I had only seen Louis as a friend, as a guy who worked for Niall. I had never seen him as a private individual.


"You stare!" Louis said suddenly and smiled charmingly at me. I blushed and looked the other way. Louis realized that I was watching him and he came right over to me. He sat down beside me on the sand and smiled big.
"I know I don't look like Niall or I might be the first one you thought of, but I promise to try!"
I gulped and looked at him again. He looked straight into my eyes and I felt my stomach tingled. He leaned slightly forward and gave me a light kiss on the cheek. It was as if he expected that I wouldn't feel anything for him. Instead, he made me blush more and he was surprised.
"There aren't many times that your face has become red?" 

"It happens!" I whispered and finally I couldn't hold me back. I kissed him and Louis took me straight into his arms. We had a chemistry between us, but none of us knew how strong it would be. The only thing we felt was lust for one another. Slowly we dressed of us naked and lay in the sand and just kissed each other. I pulled the hands on his skin and I let my fingers follow his tattoos. Louis smiled big and laid on top of me. He kissed me so easily and so soft. It was as if he didn't dared to be violent. As if I would go broke. Therefore, I parted the lips and let my tongue slip in between his lips. Louis moaned immediately and I felt how he pressed himself against me. Without more foreplay he penetrated. He filled me and he made ​​me whimper. I became more intense in the movements and he tried to keep the same pace.


Eventually he sat up and I sat down on his lap. I brought back him into me and quickly began to move over him. Louis groaned loudly and his hands held tight on my body. I felt all the emotions came at the same time and in the end we were like maniacs. We pressed our bodies against each other and we couldn't get enough. I rode him quickly and pushed him hard into me. Louis seemed to like it and he kissed me more and more like I wanted. Eventually I reached the point when everything became blurred. I felt my teeth grew out but I managed not to bite him. Instead we kissed and I came to climax. I screamed his name and pushed me down on his cock. Louis held me by the waist and smiled at me. I loved seeing his beastly appearance and in fact, he was as good looking as a vampire, as if he were human. When Louis came he didn't bite me, but he was enthroned against my lips and he was shaking all over. I pushed myself down on him and felt he received every movement I made.


When we finished, I sat there in his lap and we just kissed each other. I held him and he held me tightly around the body. We were exhausted, but we didn't want to let go.


"Louis!" I whispered to end. "I think I'm about to fall in love with you!"
He smiled and pulled his hands over my back.
"I love you and always have done!"
"I know!"
He kissed me lightly.
"Thanks that you got feelings for me!"
I giggled.
"It's free and I'll buy it to you!"
"I love you Nelly!"
"I love you!"

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