Brothers bestfriend

*may contain swearing

A girl, pained as she has to make a life changing decision with choosing between two boys she's in love with.


3. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The annoying ringing of my alarm told me I had to get up. The frosty breeze that settled outside made it impossible to see out my window as it fogged up. I slowly rolled over, gaining enough energy to get up. I clutched the blanket as it hung tightly around my body, I didn't realise how cold it would be, though I should know better, it was winter in England. As I reached the security of the bathroom, I ever so slowly dropped the blanket only knowing that soon I would be drenched with overly warn water. I added my pyjamas to the already built pile at my feet, I made sure the water didn't burn my skin before I stepped into it. This was my thinking time, I know it's odd but it's true, the only place with enough peace for me to think without any disruptions. I was actually so lucky I had an ensuite, I would die if I had to share with my brother Liam. I actually used the shower to sing aswell, but only Liam knew I could sing. He was actually pretty good, him and his mates; Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis. Though I have to admit, Niall's my favourite by far, he's just great to talk too. It does break my heart knowing he would never feel the same way I feel about him.

I think it was at least an hour till I got out of the shower. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body, I walked back into my room and grabbed under garments that matched, black skinny jeans with a nirvana t shirt and a nike jumper with blue vans. I blow dried my already curly blond hair, I admit I love it but can be a fucking pain in the ass some times. I finished up and made my way downstairs to see breakfast already prepared by my maid Clara, my parents are divorced and my mum flys in and out for months at a time so it's me and Liam left to fend for our selves, although Liam fends for me as he's 17 and in his last year of high school and doesn't let me out of his sight, I'm 15, and I think the reason he's so protective because my dad's not around and If he doesn't, know one will.

I sat down and started eating my eggs and bacon after I thanked Clara. I was munching away when I heard footsteps descending down the stairs. He was no alone which did not surprise me, it was one of his one night stands, she was a slut like always. I don't get it, he's aloud to sleep around but no boys are aloud to be within a foot of me apart from the boys. It was fucking ridiculous! Liam lead her to the door and kissed her goodbye, not even bothering to get her number, if mum were to find out he'd be in an all boys boarding school. As much as I love my brother, he disgusts me.

Morning Bee he smiled cheerfully morning, I didn't bother looking up. Everything alright? He asked, fine I replied still I carried on eating. Okay, we leave in 15 he sounded sad K. Was all I bothered saying. I felt bad about the way I talked to him, but he should know that I don't like how he treats women. Zayn, he's the bad boy, Louis is the class clown, Harry is the cheeky one, each one of them is as bad as Liam. But not Niall, he's still a Virgin, I'm the only one who knows, but everyone else thinks he's not. That's one of the reasons I like him, he doesn't take girls for granted. The reason I'm the only one who knows is because he's embarrassed about it and doesn't want to ruin his reputation.

I finished up and placed my bowl in the sink and headed back upstairs without saying a single word to Liam. I walked back into my room and got my school bag along with my purse, phone and keys. I rushed back downstairs only having a minuet spare. Alright let's go Liam said. We walked out the door and Liam locked up while I got in the car, I sat backseat, we pick up Louis and Niall on the way. Liam got in and started up the car, his reversed out the drive way and onto the road and started of to Niall's house.

When we pulled up outside Niall's house, he was already waiting outside. Hey guys he said, hey I smiled. Hey mate Liam said. I think he noticed the tension in the car as he was making the decision where to sit. I'm gonna have to sit in the back, I promised Lou he could sit in the front he laughed, a few stifled laughs left mine and Liam's mouths as Niall opened the door and hopped in next to me in the back. Liam was now of to Louis house so, looking forward to your birthday? His attention now focused on me, I looked at Liam, he was concentrating on the road not really I laughed why not? Your 16!! He chuckled getting older is no celebration I said seriously your gonna be 18 soon like wow! I know hey, exciting no not really, you just keep getting older than me he laughed we pulled up to Louis's house and Liam got out and knocked on the door. Louis opened the door and they walked back to the car and got in. Morning to all Lou said and a various of mornings were shared, Liam and Lou carried on with a little chatter before we arrived at school.

We pulled into a parking spot and all piled out of the car, I went my separate way, that kinda what sucks about being a year younger the they are, I don't get to spend as much time with them as I would like. I was on my way to meet up with my friends Abby and Blair when I bumped into someone. Omg I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going I'm such a klutz apologised no need to apologise it was my fault, he smiled, he wasn't from here he didn't have an English accent, I recognised it but I couldn't put my finger on it. We both looked up at the same time and looked each other in the eyes, I didn't realise until now how gorgeous he was and the way his eyes sparkled I got lost in them. I blushed and looked away and he just chuckled. Sorry I'm new here, do you mind showing me around? Yeah of course! I was excited like no joke awesome! Thankyou so much no problem! I dont think I caught your name oh sorry Hemmings, Luke Hemmings he said as he extended his hand nice to meet you Luke I'm Payne, Mia Payne, I smiled.

How about I take a look at your timetable and see if we have any classes together? I asked cheerfully yeah that be cool he smiled and OMG he is a gorgeous blond with a great smile and dimples! Oh my, how I love dimples! I took a look your not going to believe this but we have every class together he smiled that prize winning smile that's awesome and I totally agree. So shall we get to class now? Yeah that's a good idea, I don't want to be late on the first day! I giggled and we headed of to Woodwork, I actually think I'm head over heels in love, is that even possible?

(A/N) so I know this took ages but I've re-written this book, I'm soo sorry it took so long. I've changed quite a bit from the first time I wrote it but I hope you like it just as much. I'll try and update at least once a week! I hope you enjoy x

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