The Psychopath

Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.


2. Torn Apart

For weeks and weeks, he followed her, observed her and studied her. She’s very smart and that’s given. She’s beautiful and that’s obvious. She’s mysterious.


He followed her every day after class. He found her stopping in an old abandoned building.


At first he thought she just had some business but then he noticed she didn’t come back. So he went in to the building.


There he saw her, laid down in an old mattress just in the corner of the third floor. That’s when it came to him.


“This is where you live?” he suddenly blurted out.


She immediately opened her eyes and stood up. She sure was shocked to see him. “What are you doing here?” she asked him.


She was noticeably angry and embarrassed at the same time.


“Is this where you live?” he asked again. “Did you run away from home or something? Are you hiding away?”


“Yes, I’m hiding away from all of you.”


“But why here?” He asked.


“This is where I live.” She said.


“You’re kidding, right?” he asked her.


She looked serious though. Then she looked away out of embarrassment.


“What happened? Why do you live here?” Gabriel asked the lady.


“I don’t know what happened. And you don’t care.” She said. “Now get out. Go. Go brag this to your friends. I don’t care. Just don’t ever bother me.” She said.


“I wont tell anyone.” He said. “I promise.”


“Why should I believe you?” she said. It was not a question.


“I don’t know. But I’m telling the truth.” He answered.


“Why are you even wasting your time on me? You, Bret and Sebastian. Something’s up and I’m not falling for any of it.” she said.


“Nothing’s up. I swear.” He lied.


“I don’t believe you.” She stood strongly to her belief.


“I understand if you don’t believe us. I can’t blame you.” He said to her. And you shouldn’t. He thought.


“Out.” She said.




“Out. Now.” She repeated sternly. “Go home and leave me alone.”


He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she actually looks.


Yes it is given that she is but she’s more beautiful when you look closer. Her thick lashes, her beautiful golden brown eyes, her peculiar green hair. She was simply breath taking. Why hadn’t he notice this?


“Did you just hear what I said?” she cut him out of his thoughts. “I said get out.”


“I’ll come back tomorrow.”


Every day he did this, visit her at home, bring her food (though she wouldn’t touch it) and just spend time. The longer he did this, the more he forgot about the bet. It wasn’t even in his mind when he did those things. It was his own will now.


“Why do you do this?” she asked him again. “What do you want?”


He noticed the change in her attitude the past few weeks. She’d been less distant and she hadn’t tried to kick her out again.


“I just want to get to know you better.” He honestly said.


“Why? What do you want?”


“I like you. I really do.” He wasn’t lying anymore. He genuinely liked her.


“But you can’t.” she said. “And why not?”


“I’m a psycho.” She said as a matter of factly.


“Says who?” he asked. He felt genuinely angry with whoever it was.




“Me?” he asked in disbelief.


“First day of freshman year. You said that to me. You called me a psycho.” She said.


“I did?”




“I-m sorry, I didn’t mean it. i-I –“ he was out of words.




“I’m sorry if I ever called you that.” He said, looking down on his palms.


“It’s okay. I think I am. Possibly.” She said seriously.


He looked at her, with a hint of fear in his eyes.


“I was kidding.” She said as she smiled at him. He smiled back.


“You look more beautiful when you smile.” He said truthfully to her.


She just looked down and blushed.


“What’s your story?” he asked.


“My father left us when I was 4. My mother, she’s mentally disabled. She was too depressed. So she killed herself. I was admitted in a foster care. I was sent from one foster home to another, but they weren’t really kind to me. So I left and I found this building. I found a job and a scholarship program so, that’s it.” she said.


She didn’t hesitate to tell him her story. For some odd reason, she felt like she could trust him.


“I’m sorry.”


“Don’t be. I’m not.” She said. “I guess that’s just how life is.”


He smiled at her courage. “Yeah. I guess so.”


For weeks and weeks they spent time together, they found each other falling for the other.


As for Sebastian and Bret, they finally gave up and let Gabriel do his thing. But Gabriel didn’t want to. Not anymore. Why? Because he genuinely fell for the girl.


“So how is everything going on?” Alice asked him.


“It’s going good, we’re friends and all…” he said skeptically.


“Friends?” then Samantha laughed. “Oh God, you actually befriended her?” she laughed again.


“Yes, what’s so wrong with that?” he asked very annoyed.


“Just shut up, Sam. Let him do his job.” Said Sebastian. “So have you slept with her yet?”


“No.. I haven’t.” I don’t want to, he thought. “Guys, about the bet, I-“


“Oh God, tell me I’m wrong.” Alice said, “Are you fucking in love with her?” she asked, laughing. Everybody else did too.


“A popular boy, falling for the psycho girl. Oh, how sweet.” Sam said.


Somehow it hurt him when they called her a psycho. She’s not, he wanted to tell them. It hurt him more when they laughed about the thought. Because he is. He did fell for the girl. She was no psycho though, she was just misunderstood. But pride overtook the other feelings.


“Of course not. I won’t ever fall for that psycho. I’ll prove you. I’ll be done with this bet by this week and I’d get her off my back.” he denied.


He did not want that, but he had to. He had a reputation, and somehow it came first that his love for his sweet Elizabeth.


That day, they did the same. He came to her, they talk and have fun. Until they admitted to each other how they felt. It was wonderful, for the both of them. They did not want it to end, but Gabriel had to.


That night, Elizabeth gave him her all. Every bit of her everything, she offered to him.


The next morning, she was hurt by what she saw. A note beside her mattress saying:


“Thanks for the fuck. Better than nothing. Leave me alone. –Gabriel.” She was too depressed. For the first time in her life, she cried.


“Nice job, Gabriel. You are definitely the man.” Said Alice as she handed him the money.


So he did finish the bet. He won their respect and he had bragging rights but he didn’t feel really victorious. He loved her. She’s his everything and he regretted putting his ego first. The money he won couldn’t even measure up to how important she was to him.


He knows, she’d never trust him again, ever. But he hopes, he surely hopes she does give her one last chance.


She didn’t go to school anymore and it worried Gabriel very much. It’s been months since he saw her. It’s his fault he knows that. And today, he’ll make things right, at least he’ll try.


He went to the old abandoned building where he left her 5 months ago, but she wasn’t there anymore. Her stuff was being collected by some guy and he was putting it in a garbage bag.


“Hey, what are you doing?” he said to the man disposing Elizabeth’s things.


“Cleaning up.” He said.


“Why? Those are not yours.” He said as he grabbed Elizabeth’s scarf from the man’s hand.


“Are they yours?” he asked.


“No, but they’re my friends.” He said.


“Oh you mean the girl who used to live here?” he asked.


“Yes! Do you know where she is?” he asked.


“No, ever since she had a miscarriage 3 months ago, nobody saw her.” He said to Gabriel.


“M-miscarriage?” he asked with disbelief.


She was pregnant. He got her pregnant and left her. How could he? He feels like the worst person on earth that moment. He couldn’t help but feel guilty. He should’ve been there. He should’ve never left her. Then probably, she would still be here. She would still be beside him. Then maybe, just maybe, she hadn’t lost their child.


He turned away and left the building. The more he stayed the more he felt awful. An asshole, that’s what he was. No, a murderer. He was sure it was his fault. Because of him, they lost their child, and he didn’t even know it. Now all that’s left of her with him is the scarf she wore everyday to school.


“I’d never see her, would I?” he asked to nobody in particular as he wrapped the red scarf around him.

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