The Psychopath

Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.


3. The Psychopath: First Chapter

The Psychopath: First Chapter


  She swung her axe into the man’s legs so he can’t run no more.


  “Emotions aren’t toys, neither are girls.” She said. “1, 2, 3!” she laughed maniacally as the man screamed for his dear life.


  The victim was abusive. She found his trying to beat the shit out of his son. She hated people like that. She loathed them.


  She was just about to leave when she noticed she was not alone. She had an audience, a little child. She couldn’t kill her. She’d never hurt innocent people. So instead, she put her index finger up in front of her lips telling her to keep quiet.


  “Who are you?” the little girl bravely asked.


  “The Psychopath.” She answered. Then she disappeared into the darkness as she hummed her way home.


  The next morning, she was down in the basement polishing her weapons. She was on the news again.


  “Breaking news, another man found dead in the streets of Redwood Town. He is believed to be another victim of the Psychopath.---“


  She shut the tv down. She knew what happened. She knew better than anyone else. After all, she’s The Psychopath.


As she polished her weapons, she sat down in front of a board containing her primary victims she had in mind. For eight years, she perfected being The Psychopath just as she was accused to be.


 “Bret, Samantha, Sebastian, Alice.” She said as she threw dart to the board each time she mentions a name. “And Gabriel.”


  During the morning she was just the sweet Elizabeth Chandler of the neighborhood, helping out and stuff but at night she was a ruthless killer or maybe not that ruthless. Player, abusive people, those are her targets. Because of her sweet alter-ego during the morning, nobody suspects it to be her, unless they see her of course.


  She didn’t kill her witnesses but she blinds them and makes sure they don’t speak. But if necessary, she’d have to out of her will.


  Her thoughts were disturbed by a knock on the door. She made sure the basement was locked. All her weapons were there and she wouldn’t take the risk of being caught.


  “Wait up.” She said as she straightened her clothes, making sure no amount of blood was visible. She opened the door. “Graham.”


  Graham was one of the persistent suitors, been eyeing her for the past year and a half ever since she moved to Redwood Town. She knew nothing of him and she wasn’t interested. There was only one man who owned her heart…


  “Flowers?” he said to her as he presented a bouquet of roses. She did not take them though.


  “Leave.” She said nonchalantly.


  “I just wanna be friends, I swear.” He insisted. “No other intentions.”


  She just slammed the door shut in his face.


  That night, she ran out of wipes for cleaning her weapons so she headed to the nearest convenience shop. There she saw graham with a little boy, probably 3 or 4 years old.


  “Papa, I wanna go home.”  The little child said but he was busy flirting with the girl in the cashier.


   He actually had a secret.


  “Shut up, Daryl.” He then shook the kid.


   Cruel. She thought. She got more curious so she followed them.


  He stopped in front of a run-down apartment. He knocked impatiently. A young girl came out of the house; she was too young for him. She guessed she was 16 or 17. Graham then pushed the child into the girl and then dropped the groceries in front of them. He took out his wallet and handed them some cash.


  “That’ll suffice for a month. Now you and your son leave me alone, okay?” he said to the girl.


  Player. She thought. “Good thing I brought my gun. You never know when a victim finds you.” She said to herself.


  She followed him on the way back and when they were near the Redwood Forest Park, she called him out.


  “Graham.” She called.


  Graham looked at her and he grinned. She then run into the woods.


 “ Playing hard to get, aren’t we?” he teased.


  She scoffed. If he only knew that this will be the last time he’d laugh. She stopped in the old familiar place, the middle of the forest. This was where she claimed her first victim.


  “Did you know that this is where the psychopath killed her first victim?” Elizabeth told him.


  “Yes. How could I not? He’s a professional.” He said.


  “Yes. SHE certainly is.”


   “How sure are you it’s a girl?”


  “As sure as when I tell you, she’ll claim her next victim here…tonight.” She stared at him. “Players, she hates them, opportunist, they disgust her, LIARS, she kills them.” She said. “LIKE YOU!”


  “Whoah! You’re creeping me out, Ellie.” He said as he took a step back. “Why are you so obsessed with the monster?”


  “I am friends with the monster.” She said as she took out her gun and shot his thigh. He screamed out in pain and fear.


  “What the fuck is wrong with you?” he shouted, his eyes clouded with fear and dread as she stepped closer.


  “How old was she when you got her pregnant? 12? 13?” she asked, but he did not answer, she just stepped closer. “I didn’t bring my axe, you lucky bastard.” She said. “But I’ll make sure I’ll make this as fun as possible.” She then smiled maniacally.


  He tried to stand up but she shot his other leg, and then his arms and his side. He was screaming at the moment.


  She kept shooting him in various places till she got bored.


  “No fun with just a gun.” She said as she dropped the gun. She saw a big rock nearby so she picked it up. She was about to hit his head when he spoke.


  “You’re not Elizabeth!! W-who are you!!!” he screamed.


  “The Psychopath.” She said as she hit his head with the stone over and over again until he was unconscious. Then she hit his face, and his arms and his legs, everywhere. She crushed him and she liked it.


  She looked at him one last time. He was neither moving nor breathing. She was covered with his blood.


  “Just to make sure.” She said. She took her gun back; she kneeled down and looked at his deformed face. She pointed the gun in between his eyes (though they were barely noticeable) and shot him.


  “This will do the trick.” She said as she stood up. “How am I supposed to buy wipes now? I guess rugs will do.”


  Then she disappeared into the night and hummed.


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