The Psychopath

Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.


7. Terrible Memories

“Elizabeth, I – h-how are you? It’s been a while, isn’t it?” Gabriel said, obviously trying to strike up a casual conversation as much as he can. So far he's failing.


“The door is open. Help yourself out.” Elizabeth coldly said.


“Look, Elizabeth I –“


“Please leave.” Elizabeth said emotionless.


“No, Elizabeth I need to talk to you. You see, I know I screwed up big time but-“ he was again cut of by Elizabeth.


“I don’t want to talk about it. Please. I want you to stay as far as possible away from me.” Elizabeth said.


‘Or It’ll be harder for me to do what I came here for.’ She thought.


“Elizabeth, please give me a chance to explain.” Gabriel begged, almost on his knees.


“There’s nothing to explain though, Gabriel.” She said. “I was young and stupid. It was my fault for believing." 


“I’m sorry. Please here me out.” Gabriel’s voice trembled. “I should’ve been there, I know. I should’ve been there when you needed me. I should’ve been there when, when you lost the baby. Our baby.”


The child. That was what pushed Elizabeth of the edge. She lost the only thing she could claim as hers, and only hers. It still hurts, a lot.


“Gabriel, leave. Now.” She said, her voice filled with conviction and bitterness.


“Ellie, I-“


“LEAVE NOW!!” she shouted. Reluctantly, he looked at her.


“I’ll be back tomorrow.” He said before he left.


She doesn't remember when the last time this ever happened was. The last time she 'felt'.  Or maybe she did. She did and she didn't wanna go back there anymore. Never again.


Now that's one reason to continue what she started.

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