The Psychopath

Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.


1. How it all started.

She was the type of girl who’d rather stay on the corner than mingle with the others. She had a problem with socializing and she always felt like she didn’t fit in.


She had a story to tell, but no one bothered to listen so she kept it on her own. She was always invisible but she didn’t mind at all. She liked t better that way.


If you look closer, you’ll see the scars life had made on her. She was pitiful but she refused to think so.


She was beautiful but she didn’t know that. She felt better alone.


She sat on the far back of the school cafeteria, alone as always. She never had anyone to sit with and she seems just fine with that.


The popular kids were looking at her, but not in a good kind of way. A plan was building inside their heads, a plan that they will regret.


“I bet I could bed her in no less than a month.” A guy said. He was young and handsome as every guy in that table. He had blonde hair and green eyes. His jaw line was prominent. His nose is chiseled well and his lips are a sin to begin with.


“You know, you think you’re good, Bret but truth is you’re not. Elizabeth will not even spare you a glance.” The other guy, Sebastian. He was tall, well built. Tan with black hair, mesmerizing blue eyes and a smile that could melt cold steel.


“You guys are so full of yourself and I’m pretty sure I remind you that every day. And I don’t know why you even bother with her.” A girl in the table said. She was very pretty too, but not as pretty as our Elizabeth. She always came second and she knew that. That’s why she hated her much.


“Just because you’re not as pretty as her, Samantha, you get to tell us what to do.” Another guy said. He had a Spanish heritage. He had Brown hair, hazel-eyes and was very suave with the ladies. Of all the guys in the table, he was the one who outshined the others


“Gabriel, shut up and sit down. Let’s do this the fair way. Let’s make it a bet.” another girl said. She had blonde hair and blue eyes; she had the body of a model, the face of an angel but the attitude of a devil.


“All ears on you, Alice.” Said Samantha.


“Okay, so here is what you’ll do boys. The objective is to bed Elizabeth, easy, right? Hell no. you three will have a contest to which could bed her first. The winner gets to have bragging rights with corresponding money.” She said.


The usual, the she devil is always the one who thinks of all the ruckus they’ll be into but this was different because this will certainly come back to haunt them for the rest of their lives.


They started the bet right away, and as they expected, it was not easy at all. They couldn’t even get her to speak at all.


“Hey.” Sebastian approached her as he saw her in the library, at the far back as usual. “Mind if I take a seat?”


“Yes. I do mind.” She said coldly. She did not even look at him.


Sebastian felt rejected and he didn’t like that. He was getting more and more frustrated with this.


Bret had the same fate as him but being the persistent kid he is, he didn’t give up. A bet is a bet, as he said.


But Gabriel, he didn’t follow their style. He was very sweet and very charming to her.


“Hey, let me help you with that.” He said to Elizabeth as he saw her having trouble with carrying her stuff in the hallway. She looked at him skeptically, weirdly.


“I’m serious; I’d like to help you. Just that.” He said, flashing her his signature smile. But she didn’t seem to be fazed by it.


“I’m good.” She said then left.


The more she seemed distant, the more Gabriel was curious about her story. He wanted to know. He had to know.


He caught up to her.


“Meet me tonight at the bench by the shore. I’d like to see you.” He said then left too.


He waited and waited up to the point where he thought she wouldn’t come but to his surprise, she did.


“Hey, you came.” He said with a smile.


“You took my glasses?” she asked.




“Did you take my glasses?” she asked again.


“No.” he said.


“Fine.” She turned around and was about to leave when he caught her by the arm.


“Wait, why do you have to leave so soon?” He asked.


“I only came because I thought you had my glasses.” She said straightly


“But could you maybe, stay a little while?” He asked.


“No.” she said.


“Why not?”


“I don’t want to.” Then she left.


She left but it made him more intrigued. She had to have a back story. He was almost sure about that. She just had to have a reason for all that.

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