The Psychopath

Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.


12. Birthday Present

Elizabeth’s POV


     Carnations. There were carnations on her front door. She picked them up. There’s no letter or what so ever, just the flowers. She looked around to see if there was anyone there who could have been the giver but she saw none.


    ‘Maybe it was just Gabriel’ she thought, but impossible. Gabriel knew she didn’t like flowers or any romantic things.


    Then she just shrugged it off. She was on her way to the public library, a place where she used to stay at back in high school.


   Memories, she hated memories. She didn’t like them because the only memories she have are painful ones, the types of memories she wants to forget.


  “Oh it’s you!” a female from behind her said. She looked back and saw one of her high school classmates.


  “Hi.” She said meekly at the girl.


  “It’s so good to have you back here! Oh, you were the talk of the town when you suddenly left mid-school year.” The girl said again.


   Elizabeth didn’t have to hear that. Really. “I bet.” She just said.


  “Oh, you should’ve seen how forlorn Gabriel was when he found out you weren’t coming back. He dropped out you know. It was a surprise, really. Nobody knew you were dating.”

  “We weren’t.” Elizabeth said. A part of her scolded herself for denying but the bigger part of her reminder her that it was all faux, fake, unreal. It was all just a bet.


   “Oh, you weren’t?” the girl sounded surprised. “I would’ve never guessed. From the look on Gabriel’s face when---”


   “Look, it was nice catching up but I have to go ahead.” Elizabeth said not wanting to hear anymore from the girl about how Gabriel was torn and sad because he wasn’t. It was all plain acting and he actually made people believe him. “What a talented young man.” She whispered to herself.


  Guess the public library was a bad idea. She wandered wherever her feet would take her and it took her to the memorial park where Alice’s boyfriend was currently being buried.


  “Hey. You came.” Gabriel said from behind her.


  “I was just wandering around.” She said. She didn’t want to attend Alice’s boyfriend’s burial. She didn’t want to attend any of her victim’s burial.


  “But you came.” He said, maybe trying to convince himself.


  “Hey! It’s you. Elizabeth, yeah?” Bret Darwin said.


  “Yeah.” Elizabeth said.


  “What brought you here?” he asked.


  “Nothing in particular.” She said. “I was just wandering around.”


  “And you decided to attend Michael’s burial?” Bret asked again.


  “No.” Elizabeth honestly answered. “I’ll go ahead. Send my condolences to Alice.” Then she walked away.


  “Wait!!” Gabriel ran after her. “I’ll walk you ba—”


  “No thank you.”


  “I insist.” Gabriel said.


  “And I insist you don’t.” Elizabeth said. “I’m serious. Leave me alone.” She said sternly. “Hopefully, I don’t see you around.” Her parting words said.


   As she left, she started feeling a little weird, as if there was somebody following her but when she look around, she saw no one.


   At first she thought it was just her being awfully paranoid but the feeling never went away, not even when she got home. In fact, she was more scared when she got home for there was another batch of carnations on her doorstep.


   As usual there was no letter or note. She is being watched, she concluded. But by whom? Dread completely filled her when she entered her humble abode.


   Pictures of Gabriel stained with blood were scattered on the floor, and they only had one word written on them, REVENGE.


  She looked up on her wall just to be more dreadful than she already is. There hang Gabriel’s bloodied scarf.


   She stepped back just to step on something. “Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday dear Elizabeth… Happy birthday to you.” A tape recorder with this recorded message also lie on her floor together with the scattered pictures. “I promise to give you the most wonderful gift you could ever have… Revenge. Happy birthday my beautiful…”


   She had to find Gabriel, and she had to find him now.

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