The Psychopath

Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.


15. Almost Given Up

    It’s been 2 weeks since that fateful incident happened. 2 weeks since Elizabeth started avoiding him. Again. Gabriel still doesn’t get why she’s trying to avoid him. She’s been pretending she’s not in her apartment even if she is, she doesn’t answer his calls and she haven’t been in the ‘outside world’ since then.

    It’s been an unbearable 2 week journey. Gabriel didn’t want to make a big deal out of ‘it’. He gets it. She feels horrified with what she has done. Even under that emotionless mask she always wears he knows deep inside her she’s more affected than he was. She’s not as cold as she makes herself believe. She killed a person, yes, but she did it for him. If it wasn’t for her he would have been six feet underground already.

    ‘One last try.’ Gabriel thought. So once again he went to her apartment hoping for the best but expecting the worst.
    He knocked once and then twice and then three times like he did before but this time was different because this time she opened the door for him.

    “H-hi.” Gabriel felt foolish for stuttering in front of her but he couldn’t help it. It’s just that every time he sees her she grows more and more beautiful than before. He ached for her. Craved her like nothing else. He wanted her more than his next breath.

    Suddenly he found himself imagining her with a child, his child. But he remembered there was a child. A child who never had the chance to see the world and it’s all because of him.


    He felt an imaginary hand squeeze his heart tightly.

    If only he’d been there for her…

    He looked at her more closely. She had dark circles under her eyes. The eyes that were once bright and full of life were cold as stone. She was pale and almost lifeless.

    His heart ached for her. He was hurt because he knew it was once again his fault. He turned her into a vulnerable flower. Not a monster, no, he never thought of her like that even after she told him every single sin she did.

 She’s not a monster, never was and never will be. She’s a child looking for a place in this world, a person she could trust and she chose him but what did he do? He shattered her already crushed heart that she trustfully offered to him. A precious gift he took for granted and now he doesn’t know whether he’ll ever have it back or whether he wants to. Because he knows that no matter how much he loves her, no matter how much he’s willing to sacrifice for her he doesn’t deserve her.

    He just stared at her and she didn’t mind.

    Maybe it’s the right thing to do. Maybe he should just let her go. It’s for the best. It will hurt as hell but if it’s what’s best for her then maybe, he should.

    He decided to voice out what he thought but before he could, she collapsed in his arms, unconscious.

    He was distraught but he tried to gather all his remaining wits just so he could carry her into his car and take her to the hospital. He tried all he could to stay calm but he just couldn’t. He felt his heart hammer against his chest while they were driving to the hospital.

    “Hold on baby, we’re almost there.” He told her even though he knew she couldn’t hear him.

    When they reached the hospital he did all he could to keep himself from tearing the whole building down out of anger and frustration.

    Finally, the doctor came.

    After being informed by the doctor that Elizabeth was fine he sighed in relief and decided to take the still sleeping Elizabeth home. To his home.

    “Well,” he glanced at Elizabeth. “I guess you’re stuck with me whether you like it or not.” He said before he drove him. 


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