Rachael is moving to England to live with her best friend Kenzi. On her way her phone dies and she meets...Harry.


1. In need of assitance

Rachael's P.O.V

            I woke up to This Moment by Katy Perry, which is my ringtone. “Hey, Rachael speaking!” I greeted. “Hey girly, how long till you’re here, it’s past 8:00 am?” she said. I then hung up with Kenzi and told her that I would text her back with the answer. I got the flight attendant’s attention. “How may I assist you?” she said kindly. “Err, I was just wondering when we would be arriving in England?” I responded with a smile. She then went and asked the pilot and came back with a worried look on her face. “Well it turns out we have ran into some bad weather and we will be a bit delayed, is there anything I can get for you?” I shook my head no and with that she walked away while I messaged my best friend about the news. I have known Mackenzie since kindergarten and yet we are still great friends to this day. I am so lucky to have such a close friendship. While I waited I took out my beats and iPod to listen to music, I got so into I didn’t realize how much time had gone by. Once my iPod died I realized I was screwed because my phone was also conveniently at five percent. Then I realized that I had another passenger sitting right next to me. So I looked over and he was a boy that looked around my age…kind of. He had amazing green eyes that sparkled in the reflection of his phone, and dark brown curly hair that fit his appearance perfectly. Then I quickly turned my head away careful for him not to notice me checking him out. I started to panic because I could feel his eyes on me. Oh crap, I thought, he saw me staring at him, I felt my checks blush in embarrassment. “Hello, I’m Harry”, he said in an adorable British accent offering his hand. I turned and looked up at his cheeky smile and adorable dimples. “Nice to meet you,” I smiled shaking his soft hand, “My name is Rachael.” I couldn’t help stare into his beautiful eyes, we just sat there for about five minutes looking into each other’s eyes. I than looked down and giggled nervously, I never really looked deep into someone’s eyes like that, it gave me the chills. “Um, where are you headed after the flight?” I had obviously made things a bit awkward. “Well I don’t exactly know really, I’m meeting up with my friend that came a few days ago.” He seemed so interested in what I had to say and it made me feel so special and important to be heard. “I live in Holmes Chapel,” he said. “Cool”, I said not thinking of anything different to say. I than jumped out of my seat, startled by my phone vibrating. “Haha,” he chuckled. "Crap my phone just died,"I sighed. "Do you want to borrow mine for a second?" he offered. "I only know my number by heart, I'm very forgetful when it comes to that kind of stuff."I sighed. "Well I'll just have to help you when we get off the plane." he smiled. "Thanks, you're so kind."I said. "This is your captain speaking we are now landing. Please turn all devices off and stay in your seat, buckled. Thank you and have a great day."   

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