The bodyguard

An undercover spy has been sent to Britain to keep one direction safe from harm. What will she do? Will she fail in her mission? Will 1D know who she really is?



I went to Ashley, she started to cry when i told that i was leaving, i hugged her then tears streamed down on my face. She walked me home and helped me pack. We said our goodbyes and the she left. I reopened my suitcase and hid through my clothes knives, guns and bullets. At 8:00 i finished packing took my purse and put in it a picture of my mother (she passed away when i was 8, when she died i became a spy). I ran downstairs and hugged my daddy and kissed him on his cheek and he hugged me back. He took me to the private jet. I was shocked i said:
- dad, i thought that we were going to the airport, i have two tickets
-all the flights to Britain are delayed because one of the travelers had a heart attack.
-ok dad where is Sasha?
-she is already on board. Call me when you arrive. Bye el
-bye daddy!

****On the jet****
hi Sash! missed ya.
_hey el. me too. lond time no see
we then hugged and went to the pilot. He informed us that in 6 hours we will arrive to our destiny.
It was going to be a long night. So i went to my bedroom, (the jet is different, it has rooms). And i layed on my bed and fell asleep. The pilot came and woke me up, we have arrived. We got our bags and headed towards the hotel that we were going to stay at.


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