The bodyguard

An undercover spy has been sent to Britain to keep one direction safe from harm. What will she do? Will she fail in her mission? Will 1D know who she really is?


3. Plans... dance....

We went to our rooms and started to plan how to get closer with one direction. When the boss called:
_yes sir!  Sasha said
_are you girls planning?
_well don't
_i have already sent to the one direction competition a video of you both dancing! Only there i one more dancer needed. Whom ever is chosen  will stay and the other will come back, i have a new mission for anyone of you both.
_yes sir. Will do.
She told me everything. I don't know why i wished that i will be picked though i hate one direction!
 We went to sleep when suddenly sasha's phone rings. When she saw the number she started to shiver  it was an unknown number but then eventually she answered it:
_Sasha jones?
_yes, who is it?
_I am one direction's manager, we have received your video of you and your friend dancing. We need you and your friend to come to the stage where one direction will be preforming in 3 days. We will pick then who will be one direction's dancer!
_yes but what time?
_at 10:00.
_will go
_bye, see you tomorrow!

Well that was quick i told Sasha when she told me what happened. She was overwhelmed because unlike me she has a crush on all the boys from the band.
We went to bed to wake up early and get onto fit.

**** in the morning****
Buzzzzz the alarm went on at 7:00 in the morning. Morning said Sasha who already was working out! I wasn't really surprised, she always wants to be the best! I just went had a shower and wore black mini shorts and a sweat shirt and took a mini shirt so i can dance with. I did normal training and had coffee for breakfast. It was then 9:30 so we decided to go early not be late. We were near the bus stop when i asked Sasha if she knows were we are heading. She replied with a humming voice. I was pissed off but didn't show her. Finally we arrived on time, yay we are not late.

****on the stage****
We entered the room where the huge stage was a guy tried to stop us until he knew who we were.
We were asked to dance to 4 songs. We did what we were told. After an hour and a half dancing the manager came up to us and said: "it is was hard to chose but Elissa has won and sorry Sasha you weren't accepted. Elissa please come back this after noon at 3 sharp to meet the boys and learn the dance steps. " We thanked them and headed to the hotel. The whole ride back in the bus Sasha never spoke to me how ever i tried to break the silence she would turn her face the other side.

****at the hotel****
"Get away from me" she yelled barbarically at me
_what the hell did i do?
_you know!
_you won, know your the best!
_no i'm not! i just danced better than you! that's all
_no! i'm a better dancer
_your crazy and i don't have time 4 u.

I left and went to the nearest place to have lunch. I found McDonalds and ordered the kids meal. What i don't care how old i am i will always order kids meal. It's yummy. The guy at the counter laughed and asked me if i wanted the toy well i replied him with a serious yes. he just kept on laughing. How rude.!

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