The bodyguard

An undercover spy has been sent to Britain to keep one direction safe from harm. What will she do? Will she fail in her mission? Will 1D know who she really is?


15. Code red

Later that evening, I showed Jake the photos and guess what? It was his psycho ex. She's pretty         though. 

 Suddenly I got a phone call from an unknown number. I answered but it was a wrong number. So  right now Jake and I are trying to figure what's going on.
 I texted an old friend who can get any info you want about anyone you want in only 5 min. I gave  him her name and  her photo. I waited for his reply and waited and waited but still nothing. I looked  at the clock and and realized it has been almost 45 min since I last texted him. I decided to call  him to check if he was ok and why he hasn't replied. While I was in the middle of dialing his phone  number I heard a loud bang on the door. I grabbed my gun and hid behind the couch. Jake went  closer to the door and semi-opened it. Phew! It was Dany (the old friend that I was talking about).
 "Dany you scared us! And dood why didn't you reply!" I exclaimed. 
 "Sorry but it was very sensitive information and I think it's code red."
 "Please come in" Jake said.

 Than Dany replied: "Your so sweet I'm sure visitors love visiting you, unlike other people."
 "Come on! What did I do?" I said pissed.
 Dany: "I don't know. Maybe no one visits you because they'll get scared."
 Elissa: "Why?!?!?!"
 Dany: "Maybe they don't like having a gun pointing towards them".
 Elissa: "Sorry my bad"


 So we have been 4 hours trying to locate the boys. 
 But for now we know:
 1- Anna Belle works for Dr. Luthos. He is a serial killer that my agency has been trying to find him.
 2-She was  an old friend of mine. We were very close but one day she ditched me to be with the  cheerleaders. 
 3- She wants to destroy me. We're like enemies now. 

 The laptop went. 
 "Yes I'm the master of shifu" Dany yelled.
 I looked at Jake and he looked back at me and we burst out laughing. 
 "What?" Dany said but we rushed to laptop. 
 So, the boys are underground in a forest. So Dany was right this is red code. (Red code is that we  have to save them and we have to be ready for war. By war I mean between Dr. Luthos and his  men and us.)

 I ran to my place and got my suitcase. I took out knives and guns with extra bullets. Than I ran to  my drawer and got my night goggles. I changed into this

 I wore my black boots and stuck the knives in them. I put my guns on my waist. I tied my hair up  and tight. I got everything ready in 15 min.
 I rushed back to Jake's flat and I also found him ready. Dany gave me a chip to put it in my ear and  the same for Jake. Dany is going to stay here and hack the security camera's and he will  communicate with us through the microchip. I put on the ring that will help me communicate with  the boys.
 We were ready and we hopped into the car and drove off to where I hid my spy car. We got into it  and turned the GPS on. At last we arrived at the location. We parked the car a bit further from the  house so the can't here it's engine. We creeped more close to the house. Now we were behind  the house. We stood in a corner where the camera's can't see us. And we were black and it was  night so that helped us more. We were looking for a way in when I heard a voice. I followed it and  recognized Niall singing my favorite song EYE TO EYE. I found a window and I broke it. Jake  stood guard as I jumped in. It was a dark room so I put my night goggles on so I can see.

                 Author's note:
       So what do you think? Will Elissa accomplish her mission? Or will   Anna Belle stop her? What do  you think what will happen to Dany And Jake. 
        And what do you think happened to to Louis. Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall?


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