The bodyguard

An undercover spy has been sent to Britain to keep one direction safe from harm. What will she do? Will she fail in her mission? Will 1D know who she really is?


9. After 2 months

   After two months.........

It has been two months since Niall and I secretly dating. It's kinda hard to keep as a secret. We can't go out and walk hand in hand. We really have to be careful. Niall told me his doing this so I don't receive hate message. 
I have noticed something very strange about the camera man. He is always stalking Niall. I must find out. I snuck in his room when he was having a shower. I looked through his drawers and I found a huge envelope. I had to hurry. I opened it and saw details about me and photos of me taken while I'm not noticing. I heard the water turn off and I Had to leave. So I took the envelope and closed his drawer and snuck out of the window. I closed his window since it was already closed when I got there. And he opened his door and realised someone was in his room. My heart started to beat fast and I ran for my life. I entered my bed room and saw Zayn sitting on my bed. I was shocked. I tried to act normal. But he didn't but it. He than took out from behind his a gun and looked at me. "I think this belongs to you" he said......

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