The bodyguard

An undercover spy has been sent to Britain to keep one direction safe from harm. What will she do? Will she fail in her mission? Will 1D know who she really is?


1. Intro

Elissa's P.O.V:
The last bell rang. Hooray my best friend Ashley and I shouted together. We rushed to our lockers and took our stuff. While we were heading towards the school gate, the principal called me to go with him to his office. I turned back to Ashley and asked her to wait for me.

****The principal's office****

 He asked me to sit, so i sat.
- Is there anything wrong sir?
_We have received an an important message that some one is trying to hurt the famous boy band One Direction
( I'm an undercover spy, i work for a super secret organisation, no one knows who i really am except my dad and my principle who is also the mini- boss whom i work for.)
-What shall i do?
- I already spoke to your father, and i have got you two plane tickets, one for you and one for Sasha (she is always my partner)
_ Go now before anyone notices your long absence. If they ask what i wanted just tell them that i'm sending you to Britain as an exchange student. By the way your flight is tonight at 10:00 p.m. You must get close to 1D and save their lives.
_ yes sir.
I left and headed towards Ashley.



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