The Chronicles of Starlyn

For generations it has been known that elves are immortal except for death by battle or poison. Something strange happens and Starlyn's mother becomes sick with an illness that seems to only be getting worse with each passing day. Starlyn loves her mother and wishes to find any way to help her, yet it seems nothing can be done except to sit and watch. It breaks her spirit but she spends every moment she can with her mother, as she fights frantically for an unknown cure. She went to the elven healers and herbalists but even they cannot find a way. Meanwhile Starlyn's sister Arria takes more drastic measures to try and help their mother, even diving into the restricted books of the elven library about dark magic. The dark magic is dangerous and forbidden for elves to use because it is said that even the willpower of an elf cannot prevail with the touch of a dark taint. Arria is not concerned of her own welfare and dives into heavy studies with the books. Strange things begin to happen, a


19. Chapter 18

Chapter 18:

By Craig A. Price Jr.

Arria sat alone in the lonely forest petting a large oval object that glittered in her hands. The sparkling black egg was large in her hands, and yet compared to the rest of the eggs it seemed so insignificant. It was by far the smallest dragon egg she could find that was still a true dragon and not a draeyk. She finally understood the difference now. It was foolish of her to think those puny creatures were dragons. There was no way they would be a threat to the elves, especially untrained.

That was her goal, her mission, to train the draeyks to be an unstoppable force. One that would be a force to reckon with. She knew the likelihood they would conquer the elves was insignificant with what she could accomplish in the long run. The texture of the egg was grainy and coarse, but pleasing under her soft hand. The egg appealed to her for many reasons. For one its size was small enough that she could sneak it out of the dungeon without being noticed, but more importantly was the color. Black had always been a favorite color of hers, although she was never able to express it. With how pale she was, black armor looked silly on her.

Instead she choose silvers when she was an elf with a small amount of black mixed in. However, every metal she used had a blackened hue to it. It was her prized possession and always made her unique. Her arrows and her sword were always blackened steel. She no longer had her sword, but her flamberge took its place.

She petted the egg like it was her very own panther cub. Starlyn loved tigers and helped raise a few from cubs into adulthood, but Arria always preferred black panthers. Arria was unsure if the dragon would hatch the same color as the shell or not, but she determined it would be beautiful no matter what color it was. She still wasn’t sure if it’d ever hatch. From what the draeyks said they would only hatch if the time for dragons returned. It was the choice of the dragon inside of the egg. Despite the unlikelihood she still kept it in her pack secured to the back of her armor.

After she carefully placed the dragon egg back in her pack she got to her feet. She wondered if there were any black magic spells to make a dragon egg hatch for her. More than that, she wondered if such a creature could be controlled if raised from birth. It was definitely something she was willing to try.

She wandered forward into the quiet forest, pondering on her thoughts. The place the wood elves described was pretty clear and she knew she was drawing near. Huckleberry bushes were spread on each side of the path every few paces. Wood elves loved huckleberries, and Arria found herself eating some from the trees as she passed.

Her surroundings were quiet, almost too quiet. Only moments ago the forest had been full of life with animals and insects scurrying about. Some even preoccupied in song. Instead it was quiet where she stood and more beautiful than the rest of the forest. Most animals would flock to the most beautiful part of the forest, except today. She knew why, the animals didn’t trust her – and rightfully so.

“Come out and play.” She whispered.

She could hear whispers in the wind up above her in the trees. They did not show their faces, but she knew they were up there. It sounded like there were thousands of them, but she couldn’t see any.

“Who are you that wishes to speak to the likes of us.” Came echoing whispers in the wind.

“My name is Arria, and I have come to ask for your support.”

“What could you possibly want from us?”

The whispers chilled her down to her very bone. She thought she could be cold with her words, but these voices were chilling.

“Do you not wish to seek revenge on the high elves that outcast you from this land? Surely they are not happy that you defy them and remain hidden. Now is the time to rise and let yourselves be seen. It is time for the high elves to fall, and for the wood elves to rise. All you have to do is join me and you shall have everything that you desire.”

“Our desire is to be left alone.”

“You have no desire to show yourselves to this land?”

“We only wish for peace.”

“You can have peace if you join me.”

“With how many more deaths? How many more of us will you kill?”

“As many as necessary.” Arria gritted her teeth.

“Necessary for what?”

“To conquer this land.” She whispered.

The answer surprised her. Her goal never had been to take over. She hadn’t seen herself as an ultimate leader as she now could. The power over the draeyks had consumed her into craving power. Knowledge of the dragon boosted her selfishness even more. She wanted a dragon by her side to rule the land. With a dragon next to her everybody would bow before her. A smile came across her face as she imagined all of the elves bowing before her. She did not care to rule the humans as much as she wanted to dominate the elves.

She thought about her sister and how she would make a good leader by her side. They never got along perfectly and so maybe it’d be best for Starlyn to be elsewhere. Arria still loved her sister and wanted no harm to come of her. She hoped her sister wouldn’t put up a fight, but then she knew it wouldn’t truly be her sister.

“As many as it takes to save my mother.” She whispered.

“So you do have a heart? Find the well of souls, there is one there that may help you.”

The whispers faded into echoes until they completely disappeared and Arria felt completely alone. She looked around but nothing had changed except for the feeling within herself of absolute loneliness. Her white hair caught a breeze and was fluttering into her eyes. Tears fell from them as she fell to her knees.

“I will save you mother, whatever it takes. However many get in my way, I will find a way.”

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