The Chronicles of Starlyn

For generations it has been known that elves are immortal except for death by battle or poison. Something strange happens and Starlyn's mother becomes sick with an illness that seems to only be getting worse with each passing day. Starlyn loves her mother and wishes to find any way to help her, yet it seems nothing can be done except to sit and watch. It breaks her spirit but she spends every moment she can with her mother, as she fights frantically for an unknown cure. She went to the elven healers and herbalists but even they cannot find a way. Meanwhile Starlyn's sister Arria takes more drastic measures to try and help their mother, even diving into the restricted books of the elven library about dark magic. The dark magic is dangerous and forbidden for elves to use because it is said that even the willpower of an elf cannot prevail with the touch of a dark taint. Arria is not concerned of her own welfare and dives into heavy studies with the books. Strange things begin to happen, a


17. Chapter 16

Chapter 16:

Arria stood inside of her bedchambers inside of her tent. It was the only tent that she permitted for their camps. The dragons had never used tents before and so it was an unnecessary luxury that they didn’t need. She rather liked the dark and silence that the tent provided and so she continued to have them build her one. It was dark and ominous, which was exactly how she liked it. She looked at the two heads on spears next to her bed. The two elves looked so shocked to be killed with surprise on their frozen faces. She had rather enjoyed killing them. They had their uses and they had done well in the beginning, but soon it seemed a chore to get them interested. Patience was never something Arria enjoyed so she had her fun with them one last time, and while they were worn out she had her dragons hold them down as she slowly removed their heads with her dagger.

They were pleasing to look at since she dipped them in tree sap to freeze their face in time forever. It reminded her of the nights they shared and of their betrayal. She had the location to the other elves, and even though she wasn’t able to keep the two alive long enough to bring out the elves, she could always come up with other ways to bring them out of hiding. There were many ideas she could think of to get them to show their faces. Yet, she didn’t know if she wanted to carry on with that plan or not. From what she learned from the two wood elves, there seemed to be as many of them as high elves. She dared not weaken her force to fight something that she wasn’t sure where they were when she needed to attack Sudegam. At least capture her mother from the forsaken elven capital. Once she had her mother she could do anything.

She gently petted their two faces, “Be good and stay.”

She wished she could have frozen more than just their heads, but she decided she could always find more companionship with the next village or city she would conquer. There were still the weak minded humans she could ensnare, and yet the lack of a challenge didn’t appeal to her. They could be hers in one swift strike, it would be better to take care of the challenge first before fighting something so weak. The elves would have to be slaughtered and then the whole land of Calthoria would certainly be hers for the taking.

The flap of her tent opened and three creatures walked inside. All three were captains with colored patches on their skin rather than all black. Red, orange, and blue were their colors and it actually looked quite nice on them. It wasn’t attractive in any way, but it looked cute like that of a lion.

“Missstresss, thheey arree reeaaddy foorr yoouu inn thhee dunngeeonn.”

“As you wish.” She smiled and got to her feet to follow them.

She wans’t sure what was down there but the more the creatures warmed up to her the more secretes of theirs they decided to share. Whatever they were hiding deep in their dungeons was very important. Of that she knew for certain.

They traveled far and long until the entrance of the dungeon. Instead of turning down the right path like she had been shown when her sister was captured they continued on straight. It was dark with only the admittance of one torch light that the dragon with red and black scales held. They arrived at a dead end where both the orange and blue creature stepped forward and dug their claws into the wall on each side. The ground seemed to shake underneath Arria’s feet and she noticed a part of the wall shift upwards. A small hole appeared in front of her, one that was too small for a doorway, but large enough to crawl through. They gestured her though to which she did so with hesitation.

Once she was through she noticed the cave was well lit. Candles burned along the walls all the way down on both sides giving a haunting brown luminescence. She stared in awe for a few moments before the creatures pushed her forward. Her hand moved to the hilt of her flamberge almost enraged enough to slice a creature down, and yet she was in an unfamiliar place and so didn’t want to hinder her escape. She only nodded and continued on. There were doorways on every side of her, ones that were open and others that appeared to be molded into the wall of stone that could barely be noticed.

At the very end of the tunnel was a large entrance where she stepped through with care. Inside were a half dozen of the dragons, all staring at her. None had weapons here, and none of these were any she had met. Yet they were larger than the rest with broad shoulders and muscles and instead of slightly shorter than she they seemed to tower over her at nearly twice her size and width. They weren’t black like the others but ranged in colors from blue, yellow, red, gold, silver, green, and white with the black only being minor spots instead of their entire body.

“Ahh ssshe hasss comme.”

“What are you?”

“Wee?? Wee arre oof thhee ollderr raccee. Theese creaturees thaat serrve yoou caaame frrrom usss.”

“Are you what they wish to show me?”

“Noooo, nooot ussss. Him.”

She turned in the direction the creature pointed and nearly collapsed to her feet. In front of her was what every history book showed in detail of an absolute terror. The one thing that was almost the annihilation of the elves - a true dragon. All these other creatures were dull in comparison to the beast. It was a few hundred yards in length and a few hundred feet in height. She fell to her knees in awe as she studied the creature.

Its tail was long enough to wrap around its body with sharp barbs that appeared sharper than daggers at its tip. The creature was silver in color and each scale flickered with a blinding light back at her. Its neck was half as long as its tail and was curled up so its head could rest on one of its gigantic claws. A light snore came from the creature as it slept. It seemed so carefree to be the last dragon alive but she assumed these creatures took good care of it. The raw power that stood before her, the magic, was unbelievable. There weren’t supposed to be dragons anymore, and without dragon’s magic was supposed to fade from the world. She smiled as she studied it. How much she wanted to go up and stroke its side, to admire in its glory.

“Arree yooou sssatisssfied?”

She turned around to look at the creatures that seemed to be studying her. “This is a true dragon… what are the likes of you compared to such as this?”

“Weee aarrree nottthinng. Wee arree draeyks. Draagonns weee worshippp.”

“How many are there?”

“Ooonlyy onnee.”

“He is the last?”


Her eyebrow rose and only then did she look at the sides of the cavern. There were eggs of every color surrounding her. Half of them were twice of the size of herself and she gasped as she went to them and touched them. She heard a growl from behind her and turned around to see the dragon awake and its head was inches from her face. A grin placed itself on her face as she looked at the marvelous beast. There were hundreds of eggs, and yet none of them hatched. She wondered why.

She brought her hand up and rested it on the dragon’s nose. “You are such a beautiful creature.”

She could not be sure, but it seemed as if the dragon that stared back at her, laughing in its throat and smiling.

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