Beautiful Trouble

An orphan named Malce cant speak her whole life . Knowing that a guy , Hans , can understand her , she start fall for him . Fortunenately , Hans liked her already . One night , Hans quietly barge in Malces' dorm . He wants Malce to follow him . Malce denied until Hans said that her life are in grave danger . On their escape in the woods , Malce fell and a bald old man caught her . That when she know that Hans is a gangster leader of Modern Pirates , the strongest gang in that area and she is the only reason that can make Modern Pirates fall for their knee .


1. Him became my drug

 My life can be consider comfortable . Enough food , enough clothes . But is it enough to make me happy ? I shouldnt complaint much about me being an orphan . It just that I need someone to care , protect and love me , one that did ask me why the hell I put myself away from others . Forget to introduce , the name Malce . Sorry for the lame intro . Now for a lame story , I was born during a car accident . I was told that both of my parents died in that day . Lucky for me , my mother quickly throw me through the window and I fall on soft grass which make me mute , cant speak how sorry I am that they burned to ashes . I know that this information is not clear , I too keeps wondering . But it is the only thing told by the officer who in charge with my parents dead . Well , mystery stills a mystery . Most of my leisure time wasted by watching people under a tree at the end of the school field . Yea , i goes to school.. for orphanage . I mean , Im the only female junior student of Sacred Heart High School.

 Another summer wasted on my 'watching mission' . Soon evening , a group of boys came to play soccer . A longer look , you'll know that they are the seniors of Sacred Heart [elite class] High School . There are rumors saying that they are orphans unnaturally but with violently (:p) . I couldnt care less , keep watching anyway . Their soccer ball hit my left arm . Ouch ! Its hurt , I wonder who kick it . I may cut his feet for sure . A guy with yellowish hair run towards me . I stand up while rubbing my poor left arm ." Not gonna kick the ball back arent ya ? " I showed him my hand sign which I learned literally five years ago , * I dont speak .. and kick *

 " Sorry . Didnt know you were mute . "

 * You can understand me? * He nod . Finally , someone who can understand me for all this years . How old I am now ? 16 . Yea , 16 years . By the way, hes a good looking , added by the sunlight shinned his face , Perfect . I walked by the corridor to the art class . People I see just looked me sharply . Weird , but I keep walking , until then .. " How dare you talk to our prince ?! ", a voice of a hair blonded female came from behind . Three more girls came after her . " He is fated to be our husband " . Wow smart girls wanna be mistresses . Introducing , Cha , Ail , Gladys and their boss , Queen .

 " Cant stand up for youreself huh missy ? "

 "Our prince" A guy stand beside me . Him again . " You cant be dating with her right ? " said Queen curiously . Arrogantly , he replied , " I hate four of you ." They left after they looked me in the eyes angrily .

 * Thank you for stand up for me . Im such a loser . My mouth has no used at all * .

 " It does have its use ", he said smiling . * what? * He just smiled . Knowing that its late for art class , I quickly ask for a permission to leave , * Can I go t-- * Suddenly his lips touched mine . WHAT THE ?!!! Infront of anybody ?!! " I love you -winked- " then he left . It cant be !

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