Beautiful Trouble

An orphan named Malce cant speak her whole life . Knowing that a guy , Hans , can understand her , she start fall for him . Fortunenately , Hans liked her already . One night , Hans quietly barge in Malces' dorm . He wants Malce to follow him . Malce denied until Hans said that her life are in grave danger . On their escape in the woods , Malce fell and a bald old man caught her . That when she know that Hans is a gangster leader of Modern Pirates , the strongest gang in that area and she is the only reason that can make Modern Pirates fall for their knee .


3. Dating with trouble

 He's taking me somewhere . I can guess but what I know is that it is far from the place where I fell which make me very worried that noone can find me later . " Is this  the girl ?" a voice of a male nearby me who I can assume as their boss maybe . The bastard who in charge with my kidnapping . I wish I could say that to him , 'Bastard ' . They made me sat on a chair while one of them tied my hand behind me . 

 Suddenly my eyepad been unfold . My eyes didnt expose to light for so long which make me saw the room brighter than usual . My head get dizzy . I noticed that there were four man as I observed around this cranky old house , three of them are young and looked extremely strong and the other one who was standing infront of me , the bald headed , look way older than other , maybe this is that 'Bastard' .

 "What is your name ?! Who are you to Hans ?! His fiancee ?! His sister ?! ", his voice that scared the crap out of me . How does he know Hans anyway ? Wait ! Does this mean he's been spying on us ?! Gosh , what a lame spying he's been working out . Theyre doesnt even know that Im mute .

 " So you wont speak ? Nevermind . I know that you are important to him and that is already enough. You'll benefit us later ", he smirked .Benefit? Urgh , Im getting confused .

 " Once he know that his ' precious ' is sold for prostitution and when she's not that attractive anymore we'll sell her organ to the black market  , he's gone crazy for sure while us , will be having profit for it and party of satisfaction . As you can see darling , we used to be thousands and live in big and secret castle until that asshole , Hans , came messing up our golden age ", his mischievious face turns dramatically to anger . Seriously , Mr Bald Headed could win an Oscar by now for that face better than doing these illegal things .

He continued his nonsense again , pfftt.. , "I hate it when he takes away my pride ! I hate it when everybody are afraid of him and not me anymore ! I hate it when he gave orders for them who once used to be my nephews ! ", I think Im gonna died for listening his I-hate-it list rather than my body been cut through for my organs to be sell .

" I hate it when he takes away Modern Pirates from me ! Im sure hes gonna pay for that . Modern Pirates has been to the top and be the strongest gang in this area yet he simply takes it away from me !".

Oh crap! Hans a gangster ?!


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