I luv you<3(harry styles fanfic

Harry styles was rich and famous.he was in the band one direction.One day he found out that the band were having their own maids for a while.He was happy knowing that the maid he would have will do anything he wants.He got the maid the day after the call and his maids name is"Katherine Brey".he made her do his food,fold clothes,fix his clothes and etc.What he didnt know is that he fell in love with her right when he touched her hand when shaking it too say hello.But Katherine didnt know harrys secret neither didnt the boys.He is a vampire.will they go on a date or was it just not meant to be?


2. Kiss

Harry POV

she stood there shocked at what i said.Suddenly i felt soft lips on mine.i noticed they were Katherine's.i wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me.i kissed down to her neck.i smelled her blood.i smiled.i covered her neck and bit her neck.Her blood is so delicious.Although i did feel bad.i compelled her to forget i bit her.i cleaned her up and me.i opened the door and made sure no one was looking at this direction.no one was.i took her out of my room.we went down the stairs quietly and everyone was on the couch.i took her to the kitchen."you hungry?"i asked her.

Katherine POV

Harry kissed me.What happens if the other maids beat me up again.The truth is that they like harry and they all wanted to be his maid.I'm the youngest so when i said i wanted to be his maid they said i had no chance and that he would never like me and they beat me up.i have make up on my bruises.after that i started cutting.but not deep.i cover the cuts with make up."are you hungry?"harry asked with that sexy British voice."yes but aren't i supposed to make food for you?"i asked.If he was a vampire or a werewolf or an alien or anything else i would still love him even if he killed me,maybe."it's ok,I'm not that kind of guy that makes people do something for me"he said.He gave me a plate with spaghetti."Harr-"i was cut off when he kissed me."harry"i said pulling away."sorry"he said.i sat down and ate my spaghetti.

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