I luv you<3(harry styles fanfic

Harry styles was rich and famous.he was in the band one direction.One day he found out that the band were having their own maids for a while.He was happy knowing that the maid he would have will do anything he wants.He got the maid the day after the call and his maids name is"Katherine Brey".he made her do his food,fold clothes,fix his clothes and etc.What he didnt know is that he fell in love with her right when he touched her hand when shaking it too say hello.But Katherine didnt know harrys secret neither didnt the boys.He is a vampire.will they go on a date or was it just not meant to be?


3. Eleanor and Danielle

Katerina POV

I woke up on a couch and all the other maids were there on other couches too.

"Where am I?"I sad to myself.

I got up from the couch an went into the kitchen to find the boys with ELEANOR CALDER AND DANIELLE PEAZER!

I held in my fangirling

"Oh hey sweetie what's your name?"Danielle asked.

"Uh,my name is-is.."I said forgetting my name.

"Her name is Katerina"Harry answered for me.

"Thanks Harry"I said.

"Welcome,love"he said.

"So your one of the maids?"Eleanor asked.

"Yes,no,yes,no,yes!"I said confusing myself.

"Yes"I said.

"Ok"Eleanor said strangely.

I swear I saw fangs in Danielle's mouth.

"Danielle?"I said.

"I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!"she yelled.

She ran up to me so fast and I soon felt sharp things in my neck.

I screamed.

"Help me!"I yelled.

She was pulled away from me.

I put my fingers in my neck where she bit me.

I looked at my fingers who had blood on it.

"What are you?"I asked Danielle frightened.

She looked at Harry.

Harry came up to me an looked at me in the eye.

"You forgot what Danielle did to you,you got cut on the neck and started bleeding" Harry said looking in my eye.

"Ow,my neck hurts because of my cut on my neck"I said touching it again.

Eleanor POV

I wanted her blood so bad but we have to wait till dawn, then we can have her blood. Danielle couldn't wait so she fed on Katerina and now we punished her by not letting her feed on Katerina on dawn.


Katerina came downstairs.

"You guys want anything to eat?"she asked us.

"Yes" we all said.

"Ok,creepy....what do you want?"she asked nicely.

"You!"Zayn yelled and grabbed her and pushed her on the table.

We all fed on her while she screamed.

"Please stop!"she yelled.

I was biting her arm but she kept on whining it annoys me.

I went to her ear.

"Stop crying and screaming or else I'll bite your cheek"I whispered in her ear.

I continued biting her arm and I saw a tear run down her cheek.

All right you want it that way,you got it.

I got on top of her and bit her cheek.

She screamed.

I kept on biting her down to her neck leaving a trail of bite marks on her cheek down to her neck.

Zayn POV

I was biting her arm while Eleanor bit Katerina's cheek.

I was getting tired of biting her arm so I took the next level which is always good.

I lifted up her maid dress and bit her stomach up to her ribs.

Next I but her leg and she screamed loudly.

Once Eleanor stopped biting her on the neck I bit her lip and sucked on the blood.

Liam and Louis took of her maid dress and bit her shoulder and I bit her chest.

Art the end she had bite marks everywhere!and she was left in her underwear and braw and when I mean everywhere I mean everywhere!there was no spot left without any bite marks.

She even had bite marks on her fingers and other stuff....

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