I luv you<3(harry styles fanfic

Harry styles was rich and famous.he was in the band one direction.One day he found out that the band were having their own maids for a while.He was happy knowing that the maid he would have will do anything he wants.He got the maid the day after the call and his maids name is"Katherine Brey".he made her do his food,fold clothes,fix his clothes and etc.What he didnt know is that he fell in love with her right when he touched her hand when shaking it too say hello.But Katherine didnt know harrys secret neither didnt the boys.He is a vampire.will they go on a date or was it just not meant to be?


1. Maids

Harry POV

My phone vibrated in my pocket."ill be back lads"i said to the boys.We were watching a movie.I went outside and answered the call."hello?"i said."hello is this one direction?"a man said in the phone."yes"i said wondering if it was a fan."well Simon told me to call one of you guys to tell you something because he was busy"the man said."who are you?and what does he want you to tell us?"i said confused."I'm Simons butler and you guys are getting maids tomorrow"the man said."o-ok thanks for calling"i said shocked.I ended the call.i went back inside and told the boys the news.Niall's mouth was open and was stuffed with popcorn,Liam's eyes were wide,Zany had a shocked face,and Louis had all the faces."when do we get them?"Liam asked."tomorrow"i said.they had their faces on again.We fell asleep shocked.


I woke up and remembered what Simon's butler told me.i was excited!.I got off my bed and put on my clothes.I wore black pants with a black shirt and a black vest.i wore my black vans too.i wore all that because that's all i found.i got out of my room and found all the other lads on the couch watching spongebob.i sat down on the couch for a while before a black car stopped by our mansion.i got out of my seat immediately an looked at all the maids walk in.one had blonde had with brown eyes.another one had black hair with brown eyes.another one had brown curly hair and brown eyes.another one had pink hair and green eyes.the last one had black hair and red highlights with black eyes.A man came in and put chairs on the ground.5 on one side and 5 on the other side.The lads and me say down on the 5 chairs on one side.The man told the maids where to sit.the one with black hair sat down in front of Niall.The one with blonde hair sat in front of Liam.The one with pink hair sat in front of zayn.the one with black hair and red highlights sat in front of Liam.The last one was the one with brown curly eyes and brown beautiful eyes sat in front of me."hi"she said shyly.she put her hand out for me to shake.i shaked it.her hand was warm and soft."they will do anything you want,bye now"the man said.he left in the black car."So what should i do for you?"she asked and then smiled.her smile was beautiful."nothing right now,whats your name?"i said."m-my name is Katherine Brey"she said.The lads were on the couch with the maids giving them food.i took her hand and led her to my room and closed the door behind me.she looked at me weird."what are you doing?"she asked.i really didn't know what i was doing."kiss me"i said and was shocked at what i said."what?"she whispered."kiss me"i repeated.

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