Chloe Jacobs is your normal 16 year old girl, but one thing that isn't so normal. She lives in an orphanage. She has been there since she was about 6 years old. What happens when Chloe gets adopted by her idols?


24. Chapter 22

Chloe's P.O.V

~Around 8 at night~

"We've been in the car for aaaaaaaaageeeeees." I whined. "Hush up. It's been 5 minutes." Harry giggled. "Still a long time." I mumbled, causing Harry to chuckle. "We're almost there." He said, putting his hand on my thigh and giving it a reassuring squeeze.

~10 long minutes later~
"Harry. It's beautiful." I gasped. "Not as beautiful as you." He whispered from behind me. I smiled up at him, then looked back at the skyline. It was so beautiful. All the lights of the city lighting up the sky. "Now, I brought you here because I needed to tell you something. Something very important." Harry said, standing in front of me. "Dear god. You're not breaking up with me are you?" I joked. "No of course not." He said quickly, making me giggle. "Chloe?" "Hmm?" "I think I love you."

Those five words made me freeze. "Chloe?" Harry asks. "I- um-I" I ran. Ran back home as fast as I could. He doesn't love me. He can't love me.

~Harry's P.O.V~

God damn it Harry! I knew it was too soon. I knew she wouldn't love me back. I mean who would? I'm just a fuck up.


By the time I got home, it was about 9. I ran in the house and straight to my room. I closed the door and slid down, crying. Why would he love me? I'm no one. I'm not pretty. I'm not funny. I'm not skinny. I'm worth- *Knock Knock*

"Go away!" I yelled. "It's me, Ashton. Can I please come in?" I sighed, opening the door. "Hi." He said, closing the door. "Hi." I mumbled. Ashton slid down the door and sat next to me. "Are you alright?" He asked. "I don't know." I whispered. "What happened?" "Harry told me he loved me." I said. "Oh." was all he said. "Yeah." I sighed. "Did you say it back?" Ashton asked. "No." I whispered, looking down ashamed. "Why not?" "I'm afraid." I admitted. "Of what?" "Of falling in love." I said.

It was silent for a few minutes. "Tell me about yourself." I said. "Well, what do you want to know?" He asked. "Everything." I said. Ashton giggled and nodded. "Ok well-"


I decided to drive around town to clear my mind. I'm such an idiot. I hope I didn't ruin our relationship. I don't think I could live with myself if I did. I sighed, turning around and heading back home.

When I got home, all the guys minus Ashton we're in the living room. "Ok thank god you're here. What happened with Chloe?" Louis pestered. "I don't want to talk about it right now." I sighed. He nodded. "Come in the living room." He said and walked away. I followed beside him and sat down on the couch.


"Oh my god! Did that really happen?" Ashton asked between laughs. I just nodded, laughing to much to say anything. I was telling him about the time I was alone in the house so I was singing and dancing around in my underwear and the guys came back and caught me. "It was so embarrassing!" I exclaimed, causing Ashton to laugh harder.

"I'm hungry." He said after we had settled down. "Me too." I giggled. "Come on!" He said, running out of my room. I laughed and ran after him, only to run into his back as he stood at the top of the stairs. "Sh. Listen." He said. I nodded and tried to listen.

"What are we gonna do?" Louis asked. "We have to tell her." Luke, I think, sighed. "Tell who what?" Liam, who I'm guessing just joined the conversation, said. "That I'm." Michael paused.

"That I'm Chloe's brother."


A/N: oh mY GOd. I'm sorry. Sorry for the cliffhanger, sorry for chaning point of views so much. sorry for slow update. But I love you my little carrots!

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