Beyond Darkness

I had no idea what was really out there, till I lost everything. I had no idea who I really was, till I was set out on a mission to save my family's life. If I succeeded my parents would get to live and I would get my sister back, but if I failed, my parents would die, and my sister would be controlled by demons for the rest of her life. And I knew how this story would end, I would fail because my mission was practically impossible. I had to stop hell from coming to earth, by killing the man who wanted to cause this. The one and only, King of Hell.


1. ♆Chapter One♆ ; Behind the Curtain

By: Isabelle Dennis © 2013

(Not Edited) November 1st, 2013

The loud sound of a gun echoed through my head, as I felt my feet pick up speed. I pulled my arms forward and backwards, trying to pick up speed as I ran faster and faster. I looked to my right, seeing a shorter girl with dark black hair. Then to my left, a taller girl that was much bigger than me, and would take me out any chance she could. I looked infront of me then, staring at the line I was racing to as I continued to push myself forward.
I kept running, never looking back, just forward.

Time felt like it was going so slow, but in reality it was going fast. I looked to my right again, the small short girl was now gone. I looked to my left, and the taller girl had vanished. Then at the last minute, I looked forward to see myself crossing the line, I immediately slowed down and turned around to see 7 other girls finish behind me.

I put my hands behind my head trying to catch my breath as girls came up to me giving me comments like; 'Good job, your a great runner', 'Wow you are really fast', etc. I looked up to the crowd then, where my close friends had their hands cupped over their mouths congratulating my victory in the 200 meter run. I smiled as I noticed my coach running towards me with a smile on his face as well. He imediately pulled me into a hug, telling me I had finally beat my record.

I had worked hard for my record, & it was my last run for my Senior year. I would be graduating ,next week, and to be honest, I wasn't really that excited. I mean, yeah I was happy to be out of school, but I'd miss my friends, and my parents would want me to go to college and get a job. In High School you can screw off and be who you want to be, but not after you graduate.

I began walking off the track then, the next race was about to start & my friends were crowding around the opening of the gates to the track. I walked over to the gate and the first person I was greeted by was my friend Lorrie. She embraced me in a big hug, practically suffocating me. "Good job Rachael!" She said before getting pulled away by a couple of my other friends.

I went to turn around to head back to the track to cheer on my other team mates, but I felt a grip on my shoulder turning be back around. Once I was fully turned around I came face to face with Nick. He pulled me into a non-crushing hug. He didn't say anything till we finally pulled away. "You should have seen your coach, he was goin' crazy over here in the stands." Nick pointed over to where coach was, and it made me laugh.

"Should I be surprised?" Nick laughed, and warmly smiled sending chills down my back.

"No probably not, but just to let you know, your really sweaty too." My jaw dropped, as I was surprised at what he said. I punched him in the shoulder then. I struggled slightly only because he was a lot taller than me, but he laughed at his own joke making me slightly angry.

"Why do you always pick on me?" I pretended to be really mad at him then, I crossed my arms across my chest and began walking away.

"Hey! Wait!" He yelled after me, laughter still in his voice. I turned back around, and right before he could say something my mother came up to me pulling me in a hug. I looked over her shoulder and at Nick. He smiled and winked at me before walking away. I rolled my eyes, and noticed my dad watching Nick as he walked away. My mom finally pulled away from the hug and gave me a huge slobbery kiss.

"Oh Rebecka! I'm so proud of you darling!" My cheeks turned bright red as I noticed a group of girls watching near by.

"Thanks Mom." I said looking at my dad. He roughly patted me on the back.

"You should have seen the look on those girls faces when you beat them." He gave me a thumbs up then and walked back towards the bleachers. My dad had never really favored me as much as my sister Paisley. She was a Sophomore on the varsity team with me. But she had always been good at High Jump and Long Jump, she wasn't really a sprinter.

"Your father." My mom rolled her eyes and put her hands on my shoulders. "He's proud of you, even though he doesn't show it." She looked at me with a small smile. It had never bothered me if my dad cares about me or not, at least I had my friends.

"I know, it's fine mom." I wasn't agreeing with her at all, but if I told her that I disagreed with her. She'd give me some sob story, or life. She eventually decided that she was going to go get some popcorn from the concession stands, so I went to watch the rest of the meet.

The meet lasted for another two hours, and it got dark really fast. My parents wanted to leave a little early, so when Paisley was done running her 800 meter race, we left. Once we were all in the car and buckled, I got stuck listening to how well Paisley did on her High Jump. So I eventually ended up putting in head phones and cranking my music up as loud as possible.

It felt like hours, but once we were home I ran inside and threw my sports bag on the couch. I walked to my room, with my earbuds still in, and closed my door. I opened up my computer then, it was already 10:24 PM and I had to write a 3 page Review on a Novel we had read for class.

After I was already 1 page through my project I heard a loud banging on my door. I took my earbuds out annoyed that it was late and needed to get my homework done. I opened my door and my mom was standing there, her eyes were shadowed by her hair. Her hair was messy, and it looked like she wasn't sleeping well. "Yeah?" I asked, suddenly she rushed towards me, throwing me on the ground. Totally taking me by surprise, I landed with a hard thump. Her movements were quick, and I was so confused. "Mom?"

"SHUT UP!" Her hand came across my face in a fist, striking my cheek. My head flew to the side, I went to grab her to throw her off of me, but she pinned her hands by my sides. She was so strong? I noticed a figure by my mom, my dad. His eyes were covered in black, and his skin was pale.

"Dad what's going on?!" I felt tears in my eyes, the strike from my mom hurt more than I thought it would.

"They'll be here in 3 minutes or less, hurry and finish her off!" My dad's voice echoed in my head, it was so odd. It was deep, and it sounded dark. But Finish me off? I froze, where's Paisley? I felt like I was going into shock, and my body hurt from the grip on my wrists.

My dad grabbed me by the front of my sweatshirt, pulling me up to my face. Is dark eyes looking into mine, my body began shaking, and I felt like I had no control over my body. I felt my body being lifted off the ground. My back ached, but the rest of my body felt numb, until I was harshly thrown against the wall. I quickly rolled over to see a guy with longer black hair standing infront of me. I flinched as he picked me up, and I instantly began screaming. "Put me down!" He eventually put his hand over my mouth, and carried me into the basement of my house. He set me down on the floor, where there was also a girl with very light hair, and a guy with a darker red hair. They all looked at me. "What the hell is going on?"

There was a high pitch screaming from upstairs, but it didn't sound human. "Ivy." The dark haired guy said. Ivy suddenly disappeared, and the high pitch scream stopped. I looked up at the guy with long black hair, he looked human, but extremely buff. He carried weapons that I've never seen before, and he had tattoos on his arms. But they were weird symbols. I stood up then, and the boy with red hair looked at me.

"Sit down please."

"Tell me what the hell is going on and I will." He looked angry at me, and honestly he wasn't a person that I would want to mess with. He was just as muscular as the other guy, but for somer reasons I was sticking up for myself.

"I'm going to ask you nicely one more time to sit down, before I knock you out." His face came close to mine, and I could see this black liquid on his face. I shivered, and slid my back down the wall till my butt hit the floor.

"Chill Cale." The boy in black hair calmly said. Suddenly the girl appeared infront of me then, holding out a hand. I was assuming her name was Ivy. I grabbed her hand then and she helped me up.

"You boys don't know how to treat a girl." She rolled her eyes. "Okay listen up little one." Little one? She looked the same age as me. No need to be rude, but I hated being treated like I was younger. "Your father, he has white hair and a shaved face?" I nodded, her description matching his exact appearance. "Your mother is short, thin, and has extremely messy hair?" I nodded again. "Your sister looks exactly like you?" I nodded again. And she turned around to Cale and the other guy, whispering a few things.

While they were talking, lights began to flicker, and there was loud banging noises coming from upstairs. My heart was beating fast, and everything was happening so fast. I wondered what was happening to my parents, and if they were okay. I hadn't really though much of Paisley because I was mad at her, but I worried for her as well. My parents would be heart broken if something happened to her. I couldn't imagine a life without her anyways, she ruined my life a little bit everyday.

Ivy turned around, surprising me a little. The sound of a crashing window blocking out her words slightly. "Stay here, Cale, Dane, and I will be right back." They all suddenly disappeared not leaving me anytime to ask questions. But I wasn't going to stick around, I didn't trust them at all. I began running up the stairs, when suddenly I felt a voice in the back of my head.

"Stay in the basement." I shook my head and continued up the stairs, when I heard the voice again. "Turn around and go back to the basement-." Their voice was cut off when I heard Paisley screaming. I felt the blood run from my face as I ran towards her scream, from her room. Right as I was going to go to her door, a rush of black smoke rushed past me. I turned around to see where it was going, but it turned into some type of figure, then it burst into flames. It was about to come running towards me, but Cale jumped infront of me. He quickly brought a glowing glass dagger looking knife down to the flaming figures chest.

It began making loud hissing noises, but it then turned back to black smoke and vanished. Cale turned around looking at me then. "I thought I told you to stay in the basement!" He slightly yelled. I noticed another figure behind him, and Cale must have knew something was behind him by my face expression. But the creature brought its hand down on his back, it's strange long claws dragging down his back. Cale screamed in pain and fell to the ground.

The figure looked up at me then, and I went to run into Paisley's room but it was in flames. I was stuck between fire and this figure with long creepy claws that was probably going to kill me. The figure raced towards me then, shoving me into Paisley's room. The door suddenly slammed shut, flames engulfing around Paisley's stuff. I began banging on the door. "HELP!" I tried kicking the door, but the smoke began filling up my lungs practically suffocating me. I eventually had no more breath, and fell onto the floor.

"Rachael." I heard a voice say, faintly. It sounded so weak, but I think I recognized it as Paisley.

"Paisley?" I whispered back. I was taking in all the air that I could, but I suddenly had a coughing fit. I began crawling on the ground, thankfully the floor wasn't on fire. "Paisley where are you?!" I tried shouting, but my voice sounded weird. There was no response, and I felt like I was going to cry but my eyes were dry.

I heard a loud crashing noise once again and saw the door fly open. I saw the guy with long black hair, that's name was Dane, coming towards me. He pulled me up into his arms, carrying me bridal style. He had no reaction to the smoke at all, while I was gagging and coughing. He carried me out of the room, then began running. He carried me back down to the basement. He handed me over to Cale then, whispering a few things.

Eventually Dane disappeared once again, and Cale began running towards a wall at full speed. It freaked me out and I closed my eyes preparing myself for impact, but it never came. I opened my eyes then and I was no longer in my basement. The air seemed clean, but I was still coughing uncontrollably "OH YOU POOR GIRL!" An older lady came rushing towards me with a cup of water.

"Ada, she needs to rest, where would you like me to take her?" Cale's deep voice sent pain through my head. I felt like my brain was being fried, and I could feel blood dripping onto my skin. I tried looking up to see if I was wounded, but my neck ached. Cale carried me somewhere then, and laid be down on a comforting surface.

"Cale darling, heal yourself your going to terrify the little thing." The girl I assumed named Ada said harshly. She came over to my side then, she put her hand behind my head and helped me sit up. She brought the glass to my lips then, and I eagerly drank all the water from it. All the pain in my body instantly disappeared. What was that magic water? And how the hell did I get here? I had so many questions. "What's your name darling?" Ada said pulling up a chair next to me. I looked at her completely confused and terrified. She smiled, and she looked kind of phyco.

"She doesn't know how to listen Ada." Cale said walking past us, I looked up at him angrily. He looked at me then. "It's true, I told you-." I cut him off then.

"I know what you told me, you seriously expect me to sit in a basement and listen to my sister scream in pain?!" I slightly yelled in disgust. Cale opened the fridge, then and took out a gallon of mile.

"Um yeah, I do." He opened the cap to the gallon of milk, and drank from the jug. Ada ran towards him then.

"Oh use some manners you childish boy!" She said smacking him with a towel, I laughed slightly.

"What are you laughing at?" Cale harshly butted in back. I rolled my eyes, and sat up from the couch. I looked around the room staring at the weird decorations Ada had. Her furniture looked old, and her room was filled with old books.

"So you brought me here, when are my mom, sister, and dad getting here?" I suddenly said breaking the silence. Cale and Ada both turned to me, staring at me with blank faces. They kept staring at me for what seemed like forever, before looking away. I noticed a small circling blue object behind them, when Dane and Ivy walked through it like it were a door. I frowned, totally confused.

The funky water that made pain go away, the creepy door portal thingy, the awkward room, the weird smokey object that turned to flames and grew long claws. Thinking of the object hurting Cale, I looked over to see that he was no longer wounded. That was just another thing to add onto the list of weird creepy things that were happening.

"Hows she doing?" I heard Ivy softly whisper to Cale.

"She's stubborn." Cale said taking a drink from an actual glass now. I laid back down with a huff, and Ivy and Dane must have just realized that I was there. I covered my mouth as I coughed again, the smell of smoke still felt present. I heard footsteps walking towards me but I didn't bother to see who it was.

"Where's my family?" I said, not caring who was going to answer.

"There's a lot to explain, just get some rest and we can talk about this tomorrow." I recognized Ivy' voice, but I had no patience to sleep. I looked at her and sat up once again. "You think I'm going to sleep?! I was just almost killed by God knows what, my parents are missing, and-" I was cut of by a dry feeling in my throat, causing me to cough. Ivy looked at me with concern, but I knew she probably didn't even care. These people basically just kidnapped me and brought me to this crazy ladies house.

"Just give her some sleeping draught." Cale said getting up and removing his weapons that covered his body. I groaned, annoyed by him.

"If you find me so stubborn, then why don't you just take me back home?!" I said, finally being able to breath. Cale looked at me with anger, almost scaring me this time.

"You want to know why were not taking you back up?" He started walking towards me then.

"Cale don't." Ivy stood between me and him.

"What, doesn't the girl deserve to know that her parents died?" His words hit me like a train that never tried to stop. I felt like my breath was being taken from me. It made me wonder if he was really kidding, but from the expression on his face, it didn't seem like he was. Ivy began whispering things to Cale, but I couldn't understand. I faced the other side of the couch, and covered my face, not knowing how to react.

A hand softly rested on my arm, rubbing it slowly. I had to tears, if anything I was angry. Those flame figured smoke things, killed my parents. What was I going to do for the rest of my life without my parents? And what about my sister? Was she okay? "Hey, why don't we go get you some comfortable clothes?" I heard Ivy say. I sat up then, and I noticed everybody staring at me with concern, even Cale looked like he felt bad for me. Ivy put her arm around me then, walking me down a short hallway and into a small room. "I don't have a lot of clothes, but we look about the same size." She pointed to a closet then, and I walked over to it opening the doors.

I grabbed a pair of black pants that I thought were sweatpants, but were actually extremely tight skinny jeans. I looked at it oddly, and I heard Ivy laughing. "I'm pretty sure, those won't be comfy to wear." She walked towards the closet then and threw out a pair of plaid sweatpants and a white tanktop. "Try these." I picked up the clothes off the chair she threw them on, and looked around for a bathroom. "You can change in here." Ivy laughed. "We're both girls."

I took off my clothes then, and put on the clothes that Ivy gave me. While Ivy was removing the weapons from her body, & changing into comfy clothes, I sat down on a uncomfortable wooden chair, thinking about nothing. "Hey look, I'm sorry Cale is an ass. You didn't deserve to find out that way." I felt my eyes water a little, and I dug my fingernails into the palms of my hands.

"So it's true then?" Ivy looked at me for a second before walking over to me and pulling me into a weak hug.

"I'm sorry." Her voice cracked slightly, and she pulled away from the hug. "It's really late though, and I know you have a ton of questions and concerns going through your head." She pulled on some pants then. "Just try to get some sleep, and I can do my best to answer all of your questions tomorrow." She smiled at me then. "Now come on, you can sleep in my room with me, tomorrow we'll be heading out of town, back to where Dane and I are from." She grabbed onto my wrist and pulled me across the hallway into her bedroom. She whispered goodnight and closed the door behind her.

It took stress of my shoulders knowing that she would answer some of the questions I had. But I had to many, I couldn't even count. I slipped down into Ivy's bed then, pulling the covers over the top of me. It took me a while to fall asleep, so I tried to think of happy things. Like Nick, my coach, my last meet of the year. I felt myself getting tired, so I slipped into a deep sleep.

But it was to late to realize, that I would begin to have the worst imaginable nightmares ever. I tossed, turned, and screamed in my sleep without even realizing it till I woke up early in the morning. I had gone to bed at later than 11:30 PM, and it was 6 in the morning. I rubbed my eyes and threw the covers to the side. My body ached with pain.

I made my way to the door, and I instantly covered my mouth so I wouldn't scream. Ivy, Dane, and Cale were all standing infront of my door. "What the hell?!"

"You sleep good?!" Cale said through gritted teeth. I rubbed my eyes again groaning.

"Sorry can't help the fact that my parents died, I'm sure you'd be the same way." I shot back rudely at him. Cale walked away then not saying another comment. I crossed my arms then pushing past Ivy and Dane. I walked back to the couch, where Cale told me my parents died, and sat down. I curled up into a tight ball and rested my head on the side of the couch. I closed my eyes, but I wouldn't let myself go back to sleep.

The dark smoke and the fire flaming creatures were engraved into my mind, and I couldn't help but think that those figures killed my parents. I had seen they way the easily wounded Cale, and he was muscular, my parents would stand no chance against these things. "You hungry?" I heard a bright cheery voice say. My eyes shot open and I noticied Ana standing infront of me.

"Oh um, sure." I heard laughter in the background, and looked up to see Dane and Cale looking at me laughing. Ana ran off then to cook me something, and to be honest I was really hungry. I didn't eat, because I had my track meet last night. I closed my eyes again then, feeling so sleepy still.

"Morning." I felt somebody sit down besides me on the couch, so I sat up, noticing Ivy. She was smiling slightly, but she had bags under her eyes and looked tired. "I never got your name ya know."

"Rachael." Ivy smiled then. "No need to be rude or anything." I noticed Cale looking at me, from the corner of my eye, so I began to whisper. "When can you answer questions?"

Ivy stared at me for like 5 seconds, thinking. "Um.. How about on our way to town?" I nodded, and she smiled getting up and walking over to Ana. I laid back down then, closing my eyes hoping to not be disturbed. But I only got to rest my eyes for a couple of minutes before Ana called me over for breakfast.

I sat down at the table, and she put a plate infront of me. I was instantly disgusted, and it made me wonder if Ana was human. From what seemed to be a 'Pancake' It was practically a pale brown. With a soggy outside, that was slightly yellow. I looked at Ivy and she shrugged. I looked down at the food again, not sure whether I wanted to eat it or not. "Hey Ana, Rachael didn't know this but, we actually have to be leaving, we have people expecting us back at Trust Central." Ivy said with an encouraging smile.

"Oh I'm sorry, you be on your way then." She smiled taking my plate from me. Ivy grabbed my hand then. "Dane, Cale! Let's go!" She yelled louder than I expected her too. Cane and Dale came rushing out from the hallway then. We were about to step out the door, when I noticed I still had Ivy's pajamas on.

"Wait Ivy, I need to change." She looked at me, but then shrugged.

"Nobodys going to see you." Ivy said before I heard Ana whispering somethings behind us, and right before I turned to see what she was saying, we were suddenly in a different setting. I quickly spun in circles, trying to figure out where we were, and more importantly how we got here so fast?

"X we brought the girl!" Cale yelled loudly before walking away through the big echoed room. The room was absolutely huge. There were book cases on the far north wall, & the floors were a clean wood. The walls were marble with a few windows. There was multiple weapons on the south wall. And a fire place on the South wall, next to a nice sitting area.

I began hearing foot steps starting to to walk towards me, so I turned around to see a man about the same height as Dane. He was just as muscular as Dane and had the same lengthed hair, only his was brown. I looked away then as soon as he noticed me staring, and I felt kind of awkward. He was kind of cute in my opinion, but I had no interest in becoming interested in a guy. Especially after what happened to my parents. "Rachael this is Xavier he's a friend of mine. X this is Rachael, this is the girl we got form a recent Mission " I smiled and slightly waved, and he waved back, I was to interested in his smile to even have noticed that I was supposibly in this 'Mission' Ivy had.

"Come on Ivy, we can talk while you get changed." Ivy grabbed my wrist, and I used it as an excuse to finally look away from Xavier. I was crushing on a guy I didn't know, and besides I was really close to Nick, I wouldn't want to ruin anything between us.

I mentally smacked myself then, even thinking about dating a guy that I didn't know, that was crazy. I continued following Ivy down this extremely long hallway. Till eventually, we entered a huge room. There was a giant walk in closet, a bathroom, a huge bed that looked like it could be made for some Royal family. "My closers over there, you can just find something in there till we can get you some of your own." She smiled then and sat down on her bed.

"I know, I can see it." I said, trying to make her realize that I was totally jealous of her HUGE closet. I walked over to her closet then, eventually picking out some leather black jeans, a brown tanktop, and a jean jacket. Her clothes actually weren't that small on me. She also let me borrow some heavy black boots, and I was really enjoying the outfit. I noticed Ivy looking over at me. "I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind wearing your clothes." I laughed. "I like your style."

Ivy smiled. "I've got no problem with sharing clothes, you just can't wear my leather jacket." She winked at me. "That's one piece of sexy clothing that I wouldn't let a sister wear." I laughed and walked over to her sitting down.

"Usually I just wear sports clothes."

"Sports clothes?" She said, her voice filled with confusion.

"You know..." I shrugged not really knowing how to explain it. "For like running, sports.." I trailed off again, and looked back at Ivy. She still looked extremely confused. "Do you not know what sports are?" Ivy shook her head, and my eyes widened. Was she crazy?

"There's something you don't know about us four." She pulled her leg up close to her, and began fixing the laces on her knee high boots.

"Like what?"

"Well," She paused, and put her foot back on the ground and looked back over at me. "You are in the 2nd dimension of the world. We're not in America, Japan, Australia.." She paused. "Sorry, those are the only 3 places we've ever gone on missions." She smiled, but then looked at me seriously. "But here, we don't have many humans, most of us are..." She trailed off again like she wasn't sure if she was suppose to be telling me this. "Well, Dane, Cale, X, and I are all Hunters. We track down what you humans call 'Monsters', and we kill them."

"So these 'Monsters', do they happen to have names? Like Vampires?" I was trying to take all of this in. So she was telling me she wasn't human, and that I was in the second version of the world that just happened to have monsters?

"Do you really want a list?" She laughed.

"Just give me the common ones." I laid back down on her bed, starting to feel sleep again.

"Well there are, vampires, werewolves, witches, dwarves, angels, and so many more." She paused and looked at me. "Well in your situation..." She cleared her throat and rubbed the back of her neck. "Sorry, for pausing and all of this, I've just never really told a human about all of this because it's against the policy we have here."

"Then let me ask something." I swung my feet up on her bed, and twisted a bracelet that was on my wrist. "When my parents came into my room, that night, they had black eyes."

Before I could continue, Ivy cut in. "Rachael, they were possessed by demons." She paused, and I froze in place. "Those figures you saw, that were in flames? They were your parents."

I crossed my arms across my chest, my eyes slightly filling with tears. I couldn't tell if I could bare to hear anymore about what had happened to my parents. Who would ever want to be told that their parents were possessed by demons? Then killed? And still nobody had told me about my sister. Thinking about my sister though, it practically frightened me. What if something far worst happened to her than my parents? What if those demon things took her, and...

I stopped myself quickly, not being able to picture any horrible thoughts anymore. I felt a hand rest on my shoulder and noticed Ivy, her eyes a little watery as well. "I don't have to tell you anymore if you don't want me to." She said with a very sincere voice.

"I think, I just need something to eat." I put my hands over my eyes, trying to calm myself down.

"I'll go get you something to eat, just stay here and rest for a little bit." I nodded and Ivy got up walking out of the room. I laid down then, putting my arms over eyes. The demons figures instantly came to my mind, and it made me wonder if this was all just a dream. I hoped to death that this was a dream, but I knew it wasn't true.

I felt a small end of a needle strike the side of my neck, but before I could even struggle my body went weak, and I felt into a dark sleep.

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