Electra Monroe is the adopted daughter of Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star. She lives with them and Dahvie Vanity. They just moved to Sydney, Australia and she's starting a new school. She becomes friends with Luke's girlfriend, and Michael and Calum are fighting over her. Ashton's trying to help her but she's not sure who to pick. When it comes down to it, who does she choose?


3. Chapter Three

Electra's POV


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I hit the top so it would shut up and rolled out of bed. I plugged my phone into the speakers and played 'PLUR' by Blood On The Dance Floor. I didn't care if it was five o'clock in the morning, if I wanna listen to music, Imma listen to it. I went to my closet and picked out my New England Patriots jersey and skinny jeans. I put them on with a pair of red TOMS. I put my long hair into a ponytail and put on liquid eyeliner, mascara, and my red colored contacts.

I sat on my bed and did the homework I got quickly. I grabbed my phone and turned off the music. I walked downstairs and Jayy was up pouring cereal into a bowl.


"Morning, sunshine." Jayy smiled. I hate when he calls me that, and he knows it too.


"Stop calling me that." I glared at him.


"Fine, princess. Cocoa Puffs or Lucky Charms?" Jayy asked.


"Neither. I want Honey Bunches Of Oats." I told him.


"Yes, princess." Jayy smiled, pouring me a bowl of cereal and putting milk in both of our bowls. We sat on the living room floor and put our bowls on the coffee table. We watched Adventure Time and ate our cereal. Both of our phone beeped at the same time. It was a Twitter notification from Jeffree. I clicked it and it was a picture of me and Jayy doing what we were doing now.


"You two are so adorable!" Jeffree gushed. I looked up and Jeffree stood in the doorway to the living room.


"I know, right?" Jayy laughed, re-tweeting the picture. I did the same and finished my cereal. I put my bowl in the sink and sat up on the counter.


"El, their gonna call me and say your shirt is to low cut and you refuse to change it." Jeffree told me.


"And what are you gonna do about it when they call?" I asked, laughing.


"Nothing." Jeffree laughed with me. "I'm gonna drive you today so get your bag." I nodded and went upstairs. I grabbed my backpack and went out to the car where Jeffree was waiting for me.


"Bye." I said, getting out of the car.

"Have a good day." Jeffree smiled.


"I'll try." I smiled closing the door. I walked into the building and to my locker. I put my bag away and grabbed a pen. I closed my locker and Calum was standing there.


"Hey." He smiled.


"Hi." I said.


"So Michael told us about this amazing voice you have." Calum said, walking with me. I was looking for Savannah. We were skipping today.


"Oh he did? Good for him." I shrugged.


"So, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime? Ya know, maybe see a movie or something." Calum smiled at me.


"And what would be the 'or something'?" I asked with a smile.


"Whatever you want it to be." He winked, following me into my first class.


"Surprise me." I smiled, grabbing a sticky note off the teachers desk and writing my address on it, "Pick me up at seven."


"Sure thing." Calum smiled and walked off. I went and sat in my seat. Ashton didn't show up. Which was weird cause I was expecting him to be here cause he's like my only friend. Besides Savannah and Jason. And Luke, Calum, Michael, and Jenny. I wouldn't exactly call Luke, Calum, and Michael my friends but maybe Jenny. I don't know. I think maybe I have a crush on Ashton. We texted each other last night until one o'clock in the morning. Then my thumbs started hurting so we Face-Timed and he fell asleep, which was SUPER CUTE! So I screen shot it and I was gonna show it to him today. Which really ruined my day. Cause he wasn't here. And my day was boring.


"Electra, you okay?" Savannah snapped me out of my thoughts.


"Huh? Oh, yeah. Just thinking." I shook my head.


"Well last bell just rang." She said. I nodded and went to my locker. I put my stuff away and walked outside. I was looking at my phone when I bumped into someone.


"What's so interesting on your phone there?" Luke's voice filled my ears.


"Oh, I'm bothering Ashton. He wasn't here today." I told him.


"Did you miss him?" Luke asked with a evil smile.


"My day was boring without him!" I said.


"Go to his house. Surprise him." Luke said.


"Can't." I said and started walking.


"Why not?" He asked, walking with me.


"Because, I have to go on a date with Calum. And I have to make up and excuse for my dad to leave so he doesn't freak out when Calum comes and picks me up. I'm also gonna have to fight with my parents to eat my dinner, which I don't want to. I also have to-"


"You don't eat?" Luke cut me off.


"Nope. Not hungry." I shook my head.


"Electra, you have to eat." Luke said, sounding a lot more worried then he needed to be


"No I don't." I told him.


"Electra." Luke paused and we stopped walking, "You can't just not eat. You'll die."


"I'm still here, aren't I?" I asked.


"Yeah, but," He paused, trying to think.


"Luke, I'll be fine." I told him reassuringly.


"Alright." He sighed. He walked me home then left.


"Who was that?" Jayy asked.


"My friend Luke. He's dating my other friend Jenny. He was walking me home." I told Jayy and skipped off to find Jeffree. I found him doing his makeup in the bathroom.


"Hey, mommy." I smiled wide at him.


"Ugh, what do you want?" Jeffree asked.


"Um, I need you to make sure Jayy doesn't answer the door at all today." I said.


"Why?" Jeffree asked, putting down the eyeshadow brush and turning towards me.


"I, uh, kinda have a date." I breathed out.


"Oh. My. God!" Jeffree squealed, keep in mind he's a gay guy that got a sex change, "Where's he taking you?!"


"I don't know. He asked if I wanted to see a movie or something. And I said or something." I nodded my head.


"Now I have no idea what you should wear!" Jeffree frowned and went back to doing his makeup.


"I didn't ask you to help me pick something out for me to wear. I asked you to make sure Jayy doesn't answer the door." I said.


"Only if you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with no fighting for a month." Jeffree smiled at himself in the mirror.


"Ugh, fine." I rolled my eyes and went to my room. I went to my closet and looked for something to wear. I decided on high waisted shorts with a sunflower pattern and a black t-shirt that said 'You Can't Sit With Us' on it. I put them on with black flip-flops and decided to curl my hair.


My phone started ringing as I plugged the flat iron in. It was Ashton.


"Ashton! Where were you today?!" I yelled, putting my phone on speaker.


"Sick. Why?" He asked, laughing.


"My day was soooo boring! I had a really cute picture to show you and you weren't here." I frowned, even though I knew he couldn't see me.


"Sorry! So Luke told me you don't eat?" Ashton asked. He sounded really concerned. Damn you Luke!


"Oh. I do now!" I smiled at the mirror and started to straighten my hair.


"And your going on a date with Calum? Weren't you and Michael making out in your room yesterday?" Ashton asked.


"Yeah we were." I shrugged. "You should come over and hang out with me. I'm bored."


"Whatever floats your boat." Ashton laughed. I told him my address and we hung up. I finished straightening my hair and did my makeup. I put on black eyeliner and mascara, which I didn't really need cause I have long eyelashes but it doesn't feel like I do my makeup right without mascara. A few minutes after I was done the doorbell rang. I quickly jumped up and went downstairs. 


"I got it!" I yelled, opening the door. I pulled Ashton up to my room and shut my door behind me.


"So what was the cute picture you wanted to show me?" He asked.


"Oh, yeah! Look at this." I smiled unlocking my phone and going to the screen shot I took of him sleeping last night. I put my phone screen in front of him and smiled again.


"That's me.. Sleeping." Ashton laughed.


"Yeah, you fell asleep while we were Face Timing so I screen shot it cause I thought it was cute." I smiled.


"You think I'm cute?" He asked with a cheeky smile.


"Yes, you are very cute Ashton Irwin." I giggled, slipping out of my flip-flops off and sitting next to him on my bed.


"Thank you." Ashton laughed. "And you are very beautiful, Electra Monroe." He flashed me another cheeky smile.


"Thanks." I smiled, feeling my cheeks burn.


"So what do you wanna do?" Ashton asked.


"Hm, it's only four so we have three hours to kill." I shrugged.


"Alright." Ashton nodded. Eventually we found something to do. Which was making cookies.


"Now we wait for them to be finished!" I smiled, hopping up on the counter. Jeffree, Jayy, and Dahvie went somewhere but I'm not sure where. They just said 'out'.


"How long does it take?" Ashton asked. 


"About a half hour." I said. He stepped closer to me, standing in between my legs.


"Your eyes are red." Ashton said, staring into my eyes.


"Oh, yeah, their contacts." I giggled.


"Oh." Ashton laughed. "So where's Calum taking you?" He asked as I played with his curls.


"I don't know. I told him to surprise me." I shrugged.


"Are you sure that's a good thing?" He asked.


"What do you mean?" I asked.


"You didn't hear this from me, but Michael and Calum are fighting over you." Ashton said.


"Aw, that's cute." I giggled, feeling flattered.


"No, it's not. Cause Michael will do anything to beat Calum. And I mean anything." Ashton said.


"Don't worry, I'll be fine." I smiled, hugging him.


"Just be careful." Ashton said as the oven beeped. He held my waist as I hopped off the counter, it was cute. I grabbed an oven mitt and took out the cookies.


"Now we wait for them to cool off." I said, leaning into his side.


"How long does it take?" Ashton asked.


"I don't know, but they look good." I shrugged. After a while they cooled and we ate some of them. Then he went home cause Calum would be here soon. Five minutes after he left the doorbell rang. I went to the door and Calum stood there.


"Hey." Calum smiled at me.


"Hi." I smiled back.


"Ready for your surprise date?" Calum asked, with a big ass smile on his face.


"Where you taking me? I asked, closing the door and locking it behind me.


"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, now would it?" Calum asked me, that smile still plastered on his face. Here we go....

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