Electra Monroe is the adopted daughter of Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star. She lives with them and Dahvie Vanity. They just moved to Sydney, Australia and she's starting a new school. She becomes friends with Luke's girlfriend, and Michael and Calum are fighting over her. Ashton's trying to help her but she's not sure who to pick. When it comes down to it, who does she choose?


11. Chapter Eleven


Electra's POV


"Ella! Can I have ice cream?" Mason asked me.


"Sure, sweetie. Where's your sister?" I asked, getting the ice cream out of the freezer.


"Watching TV." He told me. I grabbed three bowls and put ice cream into them, "Don't forget the sprinkles and whipped cream!" Mason said eagerly. I laughed and put the sprinkles and whipped cream on top of our ice cream. He grabbed spoons and I handed him his bowl. We went to the living room and I handed Penelope her ice cream and a spoon.


"Tank oo." She managed to get out, she still hadn't learned to pronounce words correctly yet.


"Can we watch Monster Inc.?" Mason asked.


"Yeah, yeah!" Penelope cheered. I nodded and put in the movie.




"Wesley! You're gonna get me in trouble!" I laughed as he climbed into my window.


"No, if you don't be quiet, you'll get yourself in trouble." He smiled, sitting next to me on my bed.


"So, what do you want?" I asked.


"I was bored and Keaton is with Brooke, Drew said he has to study or else he'll fail tomorrow's test." Wes shrugged, "So I thought I'd come and mess with you since you're grounded."


"Why don't you go hang out with Jack?" I asked.


"Eh, he's with his girlfriend." He shrugged again.


"So, how am I supposed to make you un-bored?" I asked.


"Um, we could play Fifa?" Wesley laughed. I rolled my eyes and set up the game so we could play.




"Hey, Ella?" Keaton called me. 


"Yes, chicken wing?" I smiled at him.


"Chicken wing?" Keaton laughed.


"Yes." I nodded, "What do you need?"


"I'd rather you call me kitten. And can you watch cat videos with me?" Keaton gave me a hopeful smiled.


"You're too obsessed with cats." I shook my head laughing.


"I know." He smiled wide, closing his eyes, "So are you gonna watch em' with me or not?"


"Alright, I guess." I laughed, sitting next to him and he put his arms around me.




"Dreeeeeew! Give it back!" I yelled, laughing, reaching my hands up.


"No." He shook his head, putting my phone in his other hand.


"Pleeeeease?" I pouted.


"Please what?" Drew smiled.


"Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top." I smiled.


"Do I get a kiss?" He smiled wider.


"Do I get my phone back?" I asked. He laughed and handed me my phone. I stood on my toes and kissed him on the lips. 


"You're so short." He laughed.


"I thought I was fun size." I frowned as we sat back down.


"I have yet to find out if you're fun." He winked.


"You're so dirty!" I laughed, hitting his arm.


"You know what you should do?" He asked.


"What?" I asked, moving so I was facing him.


"You should get my name tattooed right there." He said, pointing right under the waistband of my shorts.


"You honestly think Jayy and Jeffree would let me get a tattoo of you're name down there?" I laughed.


"Who let you get those pretty little wings down there then?" He smirked, moving his finger to the top of the waistband where you could see the top of them.


"Uh... Jeffree did." I told him.


"So he would be fine with my name down there." He shrugged. 


"Maybe on like my back or arm or something." I said.


"No, I'd like it better down there." Drew shook his head.


"I'll get your name on my forearm if you get mine." I told him.


"Fine." He sighed.


"When are we gonna get them?" I asked.


"Soon. Kiss on it?" Drew smiled hopefully.


"Smack on it." I smirked.


"Kiss on it." Drew repeated.


"No, smack on it." I smiled.


"Fine, smack on it." He laughed as I lightly smacked his mouth and he did the same to me.




"C'mon, why won't you just let us pay you for watching them?" Scott asked me.


"Because I want you to have to waste your money on me. Plus, it's a pleasure babysitting Mason and Penelope." I smiled.


"Electra, he's not gonna give up." Kourtney told me.


"If you give that to me, I'm just gonna spoil them with it." I told him.


"You spoiled Penelope before she was even born!" Scott laughed.


"Same with North." Kim added.


"Well, you guys are like family. I'd do anything for you." I smiled.


"And we consider you part of the Kardashian-Jenner family." Khloe smiled.


"Aw, thanks guys, but I'm still not letting you pay me." I told Scott.


"Alright, alright." Scott finally caved.




"I can't believe all of you are here." I laughed, fighting back tears. The whole Kardashian\Jenner family were here and Wesley, Keaton, Brooke, Brianna, and Drew were at the airport to say goodbye to me. 


"No se puede dejar!" Mason ran up to me and hugged my legs tight. 


"Me tengo que ir," I picked him and and he wiped away his tears, "Lo siento." I put him down and hugged everyone else. It was the hardest getting to Drew, Keaton, Wesley, Brooke, and Brianna. I grew up with them. It was just really sad. We were never going to be able to do any of the thing we said we would. I hugged Brooke, then Brianna, then Keaton, then Wesley. Finally I came to Drew. We had only known each other since sixth grade, but I was definitely closest to him. He pulled me into a hug, and that's when I couldn't hold in my tears. 


"Don't worry, Ellie. We'll call you everyday and it'll be like you're still here." Drew mumbled in my ear. He kissed the side of my head, but nobody saw. I pulled away and wiped my tears. I said one last goodbye and boarded the plane with Jayy, Jeffree, and Dahvie. 




I woke up in a cold sweat. I remembered dreaming about all my memories with everyone. To me it was more like a nightmare because I could never get those back. I could never go back. I thought about how Drew wanted me to get a tattoo of his name. I still hadn't gotten it. Maybe I will get it. I do need to get the sleeve on my left arm finished, too. I looked at my clock and it was 12:30 in the afternoon. I checked Twitter and #Della was still trending number one. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and Jeffree was making sandwiches. 


"You slept late today." Jeffree gave me a weird look. 


"Yeah, I guess." I shrugged. 


"You okay?" He asked. 


"Fine. Just homesick." I shrugged. 


"Oh.. Well, I don't know what I can do about that." Jeffree sighed, giving me a sandwich, "Ham, cheese, pickles, mayonnaise, and mustard. Yellow, not spicy." He smiled. 


"Thanks. Wanna know how you can make my homesickness better? Moving back to LA." I told him. He just sighed, and looked at me like he wanted to tell me something but he couldn't. I ate my sandwich and went to the living room, where Jayy was watching 1000 Ways To Die. We always watched this together and every time someone would die, we'd laugh so hard we'd cry. The one he was watching now was a fat guy who wanted to be skinny but didn't have the money to get the surgery to he had his friend vacuum out the fat and his intestines ended up getting vacuumed up too. Jayy started laughing, but I didn't laugh. It was funny, but I felt to sad to laugh. Jayy noticed I wasn't laughing and immediately stopped. 


"What's up with you?" He asked, narrowing his eyes at me. I just shrugged, "JEFFREE!" Jayy yelled. 


"Yes, dear?" Jeffree walked in, handing Jayy his sandwich. 


"Why isn't she talking?" Jayy asked him. 


"She's homesick." Jeffree sighed, sitting next to Jayy and putting a hand on his thigh. 


"Oh." Jayy got the same look on his face Jeffree did. 


"Why did we move here?" I broke the silence. 


"Well, uh, we thought it would, uh, be nicer here." Jayy lied. I could always tell when he was lying. 


"You're lying." I said. He didn't say anything. I sighed and went upstairs. 


Jayy's POV


I didn't exactly like lying to Electra. I should have told her the real reason, but I didn't want her to get mad. I mean, the guys in LA are a lot more demanding then Sydney. Plus, she's a really pretty girl and a lot of guys like her. 


"We need to do something about this." I told Jeffree. 


"Like what?" Jeffree laughed, "You said so yourself we can't go back." 


"We have to get those boys here. She grew up with them, and you heard what she said yesterday! She'll hurt one of us." I said. 


"You really think she's gonna hurt us?" Jeffree asked. 


"Never underestimate a Monroe." I pointed a finger at him. 


"She's not even your real daughter." He raised his eyebrows. 


"Still, I raised her therefore she's more like me. You said so yourself." I mocked Jeffree. 


"I'll see what I can do." Jeffree got up and walked away.



Wey hey!

So, this is the first chapter I've written in this story!

I hope you guys like it, because I like you. 

But I like Tony better. 


I have no idea if that Spanish is right. I used Google translate cause I know Mason can speak full Spanish and Tony said to make Electra part Spanish. So if it's not right, correct me. I'll fix it :)


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