Why I Hide

May was just an ordinary girl to everyone else around her.
No one realized the pain she suffered, the one she kept inside.
Her friends were oblivious to her and used her as an excuse of
being cool, of having friends. They made fun of her and made rumors behind
her back. Her parents, if you want to call them that, neglected her
and used her as an outlet of their rage as they fought each other.
Abused and bullied, May just wants to be normal.


4. I'm Home

One Thrower turned around,and noticed a new victim. Me.

"Hey, Mayo!" he grinned and said,"I've guess you've come back for more?"

I didn't answer him and looked away, to my left, right into the beady eyes of another Thrower.

He saw my helpless eyes and offered no help,and asked gruffly, "Don't you know to answer when you're spoken to?" He turned to his other comrades and still staring into my soul, said to his pals, "Hey guys, I think we need to teach this girl a lesson."

"Yeah, a lesson.", another Thrower spat, and snapped his fingers. The rest of the Throwers-about 23 of them rose and encircled me.

The one who I first saw to my left, the one was sitting next to me, muttered "Hey,guys watch this.", and he grabbed my skirt. (No... for those of you thinking you read that wrong, I didn't say shirt, I said skirt.) I looked away and bit my lip.

He lifted up my skirt and whispered to his buddies, "Jackpot." and he smiled smugly.

I mustered all my courage and said in a tiny voice, "S-stop It!"

He pretended not to hear me and started to smooth back my hair with his hand. He smoothe my hair back 1…2…3 times before I slapped his hand away. "Oh crap.... I should've thought before doing that" I thought. He slapped my ass and said,

"She's a feisty one." before continued to feel my ass.

I slapped him across the face and said, "You're a pervert!"

I made a run for it, and jumped of the bus when we came to my house's stop.

I went home and hid under my bed curling into a ball and crying.

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