Story Of My Life

(before one direction was made) Diana is so sick of her strict parents, they have ruined her life and made her break up with her current boyfriend, she runs away and ends up in harrys arms, will they be "in love" for long?


1. Story of My Life.


"NO! I love you more." I say as I hug Celeb. My boyfriend. He has brown hair, hazel eyes, and he is Really tall. Today is our 1st year anniversary, and he has taken me to the beach. He knew it was my favorite place because its basically where I grew up. As we watch the sunset, we lie on a beach towel. Celeb has abs, no flabs I tell you. I Guess you can say I'm fat, because I was severely bullied in middle school for that reason. But that's why I love Celeb because he loves me for who I am and what I am. The sun was halfway down when Celeb pulls out a ring to propose... "Will you... Marry Me Diana?" as he gets down to his knee. I cant help but say how thoughtful it was of him, and after everything he has done for me, I finally said yes. He kissed me and we talker for hours until it was black outside. He drove me to an ice cream shop to get a fizz freeze and drove me home. I have told my parents about Celeb, but I left out the parts about his tattoos. When I get home, my sister is on her MacBook in the living room on the couch. UGH. great. She's going to start saying things about my boyfriend. so, I tried to dash through the living room, but I had no luck. " There she is. Fatty McPhee. How's your boyfriend? Uglier than the last time I've seen him?" I honestly felt like punching my sister, but instead, I think of what a great mood I am in because of Celeb and decide to just ignore her. I go to my room to strip down to shower, when I get to the bathroom I weigh myself. I am terrified with what I see "177," I mumble to my self. Just as I finish my shower and think about the great day I had. When my parents call down for me, I run down the stairs and come face to face with my father. He didn't look so happy with me so I acted nice. He tells me to take a seat. Great. Another lecture about boys. My sister goes around dating one boy to another in 2 days and she's only 2 years older than me. I am a senior. But my sister takes college classes online. I wanted to be the only child for awhile. But she chose to stay home. "What the hell is wrong with you?" My father yells threatening to slap me. My mother is always the quiet one. Why cant she just handle this herself? Maybe tell dad to be a little nicer? But, NOPE. my mom has always been this shy. " I have no idea what you're-" "YOUR BOYFRIEND." He starts screaming. "HE PROPOSED TO YOU EVEN THOUGH YOUR IN HIGHSCHOOL." I have this look on my face wondering how in the world he found out. "HOW'D YOU FIND OUT?" I say very snappy back because I"m tired of being yelled at all the time. I knew I was going to get a slap for that. Which I did. It was starting to bruise and tears slid down my face. "HIS MOTHER. DONT SASS BACK TO ME EVER AGAIN." He said before he threw one of the chairs across the room. He walks in circles for a while, then finally says "CALL THAT BOY NOW AND SAY NO TO THAT PROPOSAL AND SAY YOULL NEVER SEE HI AGAIN. DO IT OR ILL SLAP YOU SO HARD You'll CRY FOR DAYS." he runs off and slams his bedroom door. Mom follows after him like a lost puppy after a situation like this. I hate it when she does this because it makes me feel like the bad guy. I'm done with my strict parents and over protection. I go to my room and slam the door shut. I can hear my sister next door on the phone laughing about what just happened and talking about me with her stupid friends. IM DONE. I start to cry and smack myself. and finally say to God and myself. "WHAT have I done, I'm dumb, fat, and clueless, yes, that's me, Diana Lee, and I'm done with this life." I've already cut and that hasn't done anything. But what I'm about to do may change lives. "So get ready everyone. Have a good life without me..." I tie the rope around my neck and just as I was about to jump... I thought of everything..... Celeb, my friend, my life, the past, when everything was happy, and just, joyful at the time. Then I thought. Wait. I may not have whatever wanted here. So, why cant I travel somewhere where I know ill get what I need. I untie the rope, jump down from the chair, and pack my bag, clothes, deodorant, phone, charger, and a picture of Celeb and I. "I'm sorry." I whisper to the picture and kiss Celebs photo. I sneak out the back door and head towards Cheshire, Where my Aunt Jane lives.

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