Falling For Me?

Jasmine is a 16 year old nerd in high school. Her parents hate her guts and beat her whenever they can. Students in her high school hate her. Jasmine cuts. Christian is Jasmine's older and protective brother who cares for her so much. Leah is one of Jasmine's best friends and they are like sisters.
But one day a special someone changes her whole life...


9. Moving In

~Christian's P.O.V.
After what happened to Jasmine, I couldn't leave her alone like this in the house after I go for work. I need to think of a plan that will keep my baby sister safe....
We ran to the car and I was apologizing to Jasmine due to the fact that I didn't know the pain she was going through. But all of a sudden she blacked out. I didn't know where to go.
I went to Leah's house instead. Since Jasmine makes me drop her off at her house like 5 times a week xD
I rang the doorbell.
Leah opened the door and once she saw the condition of Jasmine, she immediately took her in and lied her down on the sofa. 
I explained everything to Leah.
"How can I not know this... especially since she's my best friend.. and I'm hers.. (Okay I don't know if Leah knows about Jazzy cutting and the abusing nonsense thats happening to her, so I'm just going to say that she doesn't know!)
"You didn't know..?" I asked Leah.
"No I didn't...." Her gaze went down to Jasmine who was on the sofa resting quietly.
I placed my hand on her forehead. She moaned softly and flickered her eyes open. She sat up quickly.
"W-where Am I? What happened? How..?" She had like a billion questions but I calmed her down.
"baby sis... you blacked out in the car when we were driving away from our parents who were abusing you.."
"oh..." she said shaping her mouth in an "o" formation.

"Jazzy.. how come you never told me about your cutting and your abusive life...?" Leah had tears in her eyes.
"I thought everyone would treat me differently.. and all of you would care for me more than how much they already did..." I patted Jasmine's head.

"Baby sis.. we are always here for you" I lightly smiled and she pulled me, and Leah into a giant teddy bear hug <3

"HEY GUYS I HAVE A BRILLIANT IDEA!!!" Leah shouts, me and Jasmine literally jumped.
"WHAT?!" we say together laughing.

"You guys can stay here if you'd like... my parents are out for a few weeks and I'm sure they wouldn't mind even if they were here :)" She smiled and we nodded

"YAAYYY!" and we did another giant teddy bear hug.

"Jasmine will you be able to go to school now?" I asked.

"She sighed. I guess so." She formed a light smile across her face.

We left to our house to gather some clothing and went back to Leah's house. 
There are very rare people in this world who are really your true friends. Me, and Jasmine both noticed....

Before dinner, me, Leah, and Jasmine all played football. You see, I was the quarterback in football when I was in High school. I love football even now. I don't have a girlfriend... yet xD

But I'm sure when I get one, she better treat Jasmine and all my loved ones with care!!

"Nooo I don't like this gaammeee" Jasmine pouted because she was loosing.

"Oh come on sis!" I act like its not a big deal. And its not!

She walked into the house and we all stopped playing and settled for a movie.


After dinner, we decided to go to sleep since we all had a REAL long day. Hopefully tomorrow it goes well with Jasmine.. I'm worried about her...


~Leah's P.O.V.

After I got 2 new room mates in my house, I felt more comfortable. Especially since they both are really close friends! But I still don't get why Jazzy never told me about her cutting.. I mean... we trust each other.. don't we?


My thoughts were interrupted by a loud *thud!*

I look to see Jazzy on the floor and Jayden right next to her. I see Jayden stand up quickly and take Jasmine's hand to make her stand up.  

Wow... I thought to myself. Jayden is becoming really nice now a days...

I went to my homeroom and the teacher walked in with a very special announcement.

"Class." Mrs. Lee spoke to the class. "We have a new student coming in today."

The class groaned. And they should. Every new kid we recieve are not very... urm.. attractive.

The door opened and a boy walked in the class.

"Class. This is Micheal." 

Everyone looked up to see Micheal. No one said a word. They all went back to doing their work but me.

I was staring at him like he was a big slice of ham. He was SO ATTRACTIVE OHH MYY GOSH.

He had blond brownish hair with caramel colored eyes. He had muscles which popped out of his shirt and a perfect pair of blue jeans and black pairs of "Jordans." 

"Micheal. You may go sit next to Leah." I looked up and saw him smiling as he was walking towards me taking a seat next to me. 

"Hi. I'm Leah." I said with a superstar smile and put my hand out.

"Micheal. Nice to meet you." He replied with a flashing smile. And oh, his voice was so sexy!

I wanted us to be friends. Really good friends.



Me and Micheal had the same classes together. In gym he thought about trying out for the basketball team.

"Ohh your a basketball fan huh?" I say with a smile.

"Yeah.. A little.." He smiled shyly. 

Micheal and I had alot of things in common. We both loved sports, we loved to go to the mall, hang out with friends, and eat pizza at 2 in the morning!

As Micheal was talking to me about our Math sheet, Jazzy comes up to me and stops when she sees Micheal.



Micheal just laughs at our silliness.

"Oh whose this?" Leah looks over to Micheal.

"Im new here. The name's Micheal."


They shook hands and smiled at each other while I was just there.



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