Falling For Me?

Jasmine is a 16 year old nerd in high school. Her parents hate her guts and beat her whenever they can. Students in her high school hate her. Jasmine cuts. Christian is Jasmine's older and protective brother who cares for her so much. Leah is one of Jasmine's best friends and they are like sisters.
But one day a special someone changes her whole life...


1. First Day

Jasmine's P.O.V.

"JASMINE!! GET UP ITS TIME FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!" My older brother Christian yells from the kitchen.

I slowly get up, get the blanket off me and step in the shower while brushing my teeth. I go to my walk-in closet and take out a black and white zebra print top with black skinny jeans. I do some loose curls and put on my nerdy glasses which make my brown eyes shine a bit. My hair is black and shoulder length. After applying my perfume I run downstairs and give my brother a big hug. He has black hair with hazel eyes. "Good Morning" he says. "Good Morning bro" I say in a sleepy tired voice. 

One thing you should know about me is that.. well.. I'm a nerd. Yeah, I love Math and reading. My parents hate my guts I don't even know why.They are at work. Once they come home, my brother heads off for work. Christian doesn't know they beat me. 

*door bell rings*  

"I'LL GET IT!" I say as I run to the front door as Christian chuckles a bit.

I open the door and there is my best friend Leah. Leah is always there for me and she knows everything about me. Even my cutting. She has blond long wavy hair and blue eyes.

"HEYY GIRLLLYYY" she screams and jumps to hug me. I laugh. "Hey Leah!" 

"Ready for our final year at ?" 

"Ready as I'll ever be!" I say as I grab my bag, put on my white converse. and hug my brother.

"By Christian love you!"

"Bye Jasmine have a great first day!"  He says back.

As I sit in the passenger seat beside Leah we both head off to school listening to One Direction on the radio.



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