The Doctor's Child

Tempora Tyler once knew of The Doctor from her mother's stories, but after her tragic death, she forced all the stories away and forgot all about the fantastic man. So after getting rid of all those memories, she's in for a surprise when in her junior year she finds a man with a blue box.
This fanfic is Doctor Who based but main characters are OC, but don't worry the real characters will be put in. It's also AU so don't hate me. I accept criticism and this book is in progress so I'm open to suggestions. No hate please. Enjoy!


1. Prologue

The Doctor. That is the name of the man my mother was once in love with. The name of the man in the stories my mother has told me since I was born. This Doctor character has always been the hero in her stories. With everything she had said and the way she described him, it's no mystery why she fell for him. In her stories, she told me everything there was to know about this amazing Doctor. I learned about his regenerations, his age, his previous companions and his TARDIS. The TARDIS was his time machine. She would tell me how the Doctor and the TARDIS were very close.

At first I thought that was odd, but later on I understood. The TARDIS always brought the Doctor and his companions to where they were needed. She told me how he would always look out after his companions. That's why when my mother died, I stopped believing. The stories my mother told me became just that, stories. I became unhappy. I isolated myself from everyone. I lost most of the people I called friends, only my true friends stayed. I dropped my dance classes and student government. I stayed in color guard, though, it's the only thing that kept me sane. Guard was my outlet. Eventually, I forgot all about my mother's Doctor. I forgot all about the mad man up until my junior year.

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