The Doctor's Child

Tempora Tyler once knew of The Doctor from her mother's stories, but after her tragic death, she forced all the stories away and forgot all about the fantastic man. So after getting rid of all those memories, she's in for a surprise when in her junior year she finds a man with a blue box.
This fanfic is Doctor Who based but main characters are OC, but don't worry the real characters will be put in. It's also AU so don't hate me. I accept criticism and this book is in progress so I'm open to suggestions. No hate please. Enjoy!


4. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

He drove us back to my place. I didn't talk the entire ride there. If Xander hadn't turned on the radio, the car ride would've been awkward. I was too preoccupied about what happened earlier that night. Why did that boy think I was my mum? I don't really look like her much. I had coffee brown hair, tan skin, and green brown eyes. My features all seem to fall on my dad's side of the family gene pool, and yet people always said they could tell we were mother and daughter. My mother had blonde hair, white skin, and brown eyes. Notice the difference?

I look over at my blue and black duffle bag in between my feet. 

*Flash back*

"Well, I'll go get the car started" Xander gets up and walks to his car in the student parking lot. I let out a big sigh, still disappointed in my father's absence, and start picking up my things. As I pick up my rifle, I notice a glint of silver out of the corner of my eye and turn towards it. I put my flag and rifle in their bag and slung it over my shoulder while carrying my duffle bag as I walk over to it. I examine it with complete curiosity. 



"Hey Temp,'cmon!" Xander yells from the parking lot by the field. I snatch the silver wand and stuff it into my bag as I ran towards the car.

*End Flash back*

We pull up to the apartment complex gates and I key in my house pin. The gates open and we drive to apartment building F. Xander parks the car in the assigned parking space. I start getting my stuff when Xander stops me. 

"Just leave that stuff there. I'm staying 'till Tuesday." 

"Ok, but I'm taking my bag. These clothes really need a wash after today's practice." We laughed at my comment and headed up the stairs to my apartment. I opened the door and the smell of Renuzit's "After the Rain" enveloped me in a welcome embrace. I tossed my bag on the floor and plopped down on my couch while Xander went straight to the fridge. About five minute later he came back with a turkey sandwich and a glass of cran-apple juice.

"So what's the plan?" He asks as he takes a bite out of his sandwich followed by a swig of juice.

"Well right now, I'm gonna go take a shower."

Xander looks at me with a smirk and wiggled his eyebrows at me.

"Ugh, Xander!"

I threw a pillow at him and hit his face.

"I'm just kidding, gosh calm down." He says laughing. I storm out of the living room and go take a shower.


I came back in grey sweatpants and a white crop top and sit next to Xander watching T.V. When I saw a stretchy orange dog on the scream I groaned.

"Ugh, Adventure Time? You know I hate that show. How can you even Stan to watch that crap?" I ask.

"It's funny." He protests. I roll my eyes and snatch the remote from his hand and switch to ABC Family.

"Yes! Harry Potter marathon!" I quickly walk into the kitchen and make enough popcorn for the two of us. When I came back, Hermione had just hit Draco.

"Oh damn! That looked like it hurt." I laugh at his comment and sit next to him putting the bowl of popcorn on my lap.


Author's Note

Hey guys sorry for the late update:( don't leave me yet I am still working on it. I'm working on chapter five so the fourth chapter should be up maybe tomorrow, no promises, but soon yes. Thanks for staying with me :D

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