Innocent Little Creature

I was listening to a random song on YouTube when I was inspired to write this. :) (P.S. The only mature content in this is some rude language.)
Lucasta was dying, she knew it from the moment she saw the man made from shadows, when she watched him turn and leave, she knew death its self had walked past her and that soon they would meet again, maybe not tomorrow or next week, but soon. She knew that her time would come to walk into the shadows and never return to the light of the living. The strange thing was as she looked where the man had been standing, she realized that at the age of six, she was not afraid of dying.....


3. The pulse

Lucasta ran, as fast as her feet would carry her, she ran. Hair billowing out behind here and tears forming from the silver depths of her eyes. Pale skin becoming flushed over the taunt skin of her cheeks, chest heaving with sobs.


She stopped and looked around wildly. She had run into the woods, she sank down and cried. Her body racking with sobs, tears spilling down her cheeks and her face buried in her hands. Her hair provided a dark curtain to hide her tears.


She remembered that day so clearly, the body in the alley. The screams of dying women, and the man. With blood so clearly glistening on his hands. Crimson washing over her hands as she clutched her mother's limp body. Tears splashing eyelids that would never move again. Pounding her fists against a stranger's chest and him holding her tight, the pain and sorrow.


Lucasta remembered looking up at the man and him kneeling down to her height and cradling her in his arms.


"Shh,it'll all be alright." He had whispered.

"W-Who will look after me?" She had sobbed.

"I will always watch over you, my pretty little girl," he had soothed, "but you're going to have to forget me for a little while. Until you can cope with the truth....."


She sobbed harder, she never even looked up when a person sank next to her. She cried into their chest as they smoothed her hair down, they leaned their head against hers and made calming noises until her chocked out a sentence.


"My guardian, my lonely guardian...."


The man sighed into her hair, taking off his tattered black long coat and draping it over her. His green waistcoat soaked up her tears as she cried herself into a light slumber......

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