The move,

Two twin sisters non-identical move to London. There was one girl there who hated them. They didn't think they would be liked, until they met five boys.


7. Liam

Rebekah's P,O,V

I followed Liam out of the lunch hall. Erg I hated Danielle so much! 'If its Danielle go away!' Liam shouted. 'Its not Danielle' I said. He turned around and looked at me. ' Sorry I didn't mean to shout at you' he said walking closer to me. 'It doesn't matter, are you okay?' I asked. 'I will be when I tell her it is over' For some reason in my head I was having little party, then I thought Liam would never like me anyway. I quickly snapped out of my thought and said 'Oh, why are you breaking up?' 'Have you seen the way she speaks to people? She has only just met you and your sister yet she is horrible to you!' 'But it doesn't matter how she speaks to me and my sister.' 'It does and she also calls Niall fat. Niall is like my little brother. I can't be with someone like her.' I looked at him and I saw a tear roll down his cheek. I put my arm round him and said ' Look, Liam you could do so much better.' 'No i can't' he said. He starred at me for a minute and said ' Actually I really don't need her!' 'See!' I said. He hugged me and said ' Thank-you for being there for me!' He asked me 'Whats your next lesson?' I said 'Maths, you?' 'Same!'. We decided to walk to maths. We had to walk up so many steps to get to the top floor. I couldn't help but stare at Liam. He was just so, so gorgeous! 'Are you going to Harry's party tonight?' He asked. ' I haven't been invited' I said. 'I could ask if you could come?' 'Yeah that would be great!' I said. 'I could get your sister a invite, if you want?' 'Yeah that would be good!'  We walked into maths and the seating plan was on the board. I just happened to being sitting next to Danielle.

Lauren's P,O,V

Our last lesson was History. I hate History but I got to sit next to Louis. I guess that was one plus side. Me and Louis were talking. We started to talk about Eleanor. I said 'You two are cute together!' He looked at me and said 'Used to be. Were drifting' 'Why?' I asked. 'I think she has another boyfriend.' 'Why do you think that?' 'You ask so many questions' he said while laughing. 'I think that because she has been acting off lately. I don't know how to explain it but she makes it obvious that she is interested anymore.' I looked at him and he looked back I smiled at him and he smiled back. I could tell he was upset. 'So have you got a boyfriend?' he asked. 'Nope forever alone' I said. He laughed and shook his head and turned to look at his work. 'You going to Harry's party?' I asked trying to change the subject. 'Yeah of course I am!' 'Who's going?' I asked. 'Not many people really only,Me Liam Niall Zayn and Perrie. Of course Harry to other than that no one else.' 'Just a small party then?' 'Not really a party more of a gathering' he said,  The lesson went so quick. At the end of the lesson Harry waited for me and Rebekah to give us the details of his party,well gathering.

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