The clown toy

This is a short horror story someone told me and it kind of freaked me out


1. The clown toy

                  The clown toy 

"I'm scared of the clown in my room."

Ashley  flopped down her magazine  and sighed. It was the third time Millie had said this.

"Look, just ignore it, okay?" Ashley said. "It's only a toy. Go to sleep." 

Millie nodded and went back upstairs.

Why had Trisha even agreed to babysit her? She loved children, and she'd get tons of money for it. ten pounds an hour in fact. Well, now she could see why it was so much. This was so annoying, not because  Millie kept bugging her, but because Millie's parents didn't even warn Ashley about this toy clown.

Ashley decided to ignore this and got back to her magazine.

A few minutes later,  Millie came back down.

"I'm so scared of it. Please, come and get rid of it."

Ashley felt like screaming. "I've told you so many times- it's only a toy. Just ignore it."

"But..." the Millie began.

"Please, just go to bed!" Ashley hissed.

"Okay," she said and went back up. Tears trickled down her face, and Ashley  felt a bit bad, but Millie needed to be brave.  Ashley turned on the TV. It was a horror film. She didn't mind horror films- she knew ghosts and monsters weren't real. At the moment when the woman was screaming as the monster attacked her, something didn't seem right. It seemed like there were two people screaming, not one. And was even weirder was that the scream seemed to come from upstairs...

Ashley froze.

No, it must've been her imagination.

There was a thud of footsteps as Millie came racing downstairs, panting.

"He's chasing me!" she cried.

This was getting old now.  Ashley knew she had to call Millie's parents. She picked up the phone and dialled their number.

"Stay here," she told Millie. "I'm calling  your Mummy and Daddy."

"Pauline Turner here," a voice said at the other end.

"Yeah, Mrs Turner ," She said. "It's Ashley  the babysitter. I'm having trouble with your daughter."

"What's the problem?" Mrs Turner asked.

"Millie seems to be scared of this toy clown she has," Ashley said. "I'm surprised you didn't warn me."

"Hang on," Mrs Turner said. There was a low hum of concerned murmurs for a few seconds, then Mrs Turner's  voice came back saying, "That's strange..."

"Why?" Ashley asked.

"You see," Mrs Turner  said. "Millie doesn't have a toy clown..."




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