Remembering Tomorrow

Courtney Williams loved cheering, loved her popularity, loved her life, everything was perfect. Though to others in the bottom of the social class say she's a snob. It wasn't her fault. Her mother being a busy body forces her daughter to act like a princess. She is forced to stay on the throne or else she is looked upon as a failure, being a loser as her mother would say. But when a new boy comes and he helps her be herself, little does her mom know. Courtney ends her "perfect" but unhappy relationship with "king" Dallas regan. Her mother throws a fit of how her daughter has ruined a perfect life and future, she shuns her daughter. But at least she has Niall, or does she?


1. "Perfect"

Well I'm starting a new fan fiction!! And I had trouble with choosing a main character. But thanks to my patient friend!!! You now have a Courtney Williams :) so this book is dedicated to ma friend emerrrrrrald


I pulled my hair into a pony tail as, jimmy-Ann started introducing our new cheers. Most of them were cheesy and annoying. Don't get me wrong I love cheering but the cheers she comes up with are straight up garbage. I couldn't stand her either. Though she has been my best friend since sixth grade. That's when I changed, I used to hangout with this girl named Sarah but my mother said jimmy Ann was a better friend, which was complete bowl.

" Courtney? Are you listening?" Jimmy Ann asked.

" yeah sorry, this is my remembering face" I circled my face with my finger.  she laughed. There wasn't hate between us. She thought we were true! I saw her as a puppy dog. She wouldn't be popular with out me. I helped her with her clothes and makeup. Everything. She was really mean too. So was I, I hated it. To Sarah I was a bitch. I didn't tell anyone about my mom. I wasn't able too she had drilled into my head that it was me,all me. So when ever I almost told Sarah that my mom made me, me. I couldn't because my mind told me it was a lie. I looked up to see the girls getting ready for stunts. I moaned as I got up. I looked at the girls as they held there positions.

" great girls I think that's a wrap I'm very proud." I said extra perky, which also was a lie. I watched as my

"perfect" boyfriend came over. He was all sweaty from soccer practice.

" don't you look all manly." I joked wiggling my eyebrows. He was 6 foot and had brown hair and green eyes that sparkled.

" Don't I always." He pretended to be hurt. Little did he know I was the hurt one. He was the clueless one. Another set up from my mom. It made all the girls jealous of our "perfect" relationship. My mom was living her dreams through me. Dallas came up to give me a hug.

"No you're all sweaty I'll get stinky!" I stuck my nose in the air and crossed my arms. My soul shattered more it seemed that was my forever face. He grabbed my chin and said

"But my dear so are you." And he wrapped me in his arms as I squealed. He just laughed,

"lets go home babe your mom said she had dinner for us." I laughed but sighed on the inside. It was just another test to make sure I was keeping up. I looked over to the front of the school as I saw a boy wearing a white shirt. His shiny blonde hair shun in the light. I didn't get to see his face but I'm sure he was a handsome lad. I hopped into his mustang, as he talked about soccer. I loved soccer if I had to choose between soccer and cheer leading I would choose soccer, but the queen B doesn't play soccer. Which made me growl. I listened but my mind was still with the mystery new boy. Don't get me wrong Dallas was handsome but he just I don't know we've been dating for ever like since 8th grade and here We are, in 12th. I looked out into the azalea trees that lined the streets of Summerville while Dallas drove us to my house. I just wanted to sleep, but I couldn't so I just tuned back into Dallas's talk about soccer.



So I hope you like the first chapter of my be fan fiction!!! I just thought about how I have no Niall fan fictions so I have started one :) hope you like   Comment fan and vote!! I love feedback

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