Remembering Tomorrow

Courtney Williams loved cheering, loved her popularity, loved her life, everything was perfect. Though to others in the bottom of the social class say she's a snob. It wasn't her fault. Her mother being a busy body forces her daughter to act like a princess. She is forced to stay on the throne or else she is looked upon as a failure, being a loser as her mother would say. But when a new boy comes and he helps her be herself, little does her mom know. Courtney ends her "perfect" but unhappy relationship with "king" Dallas regan. Her mother throws a fit of how her daughter has ruined a perfect life and future, she shuns her daughter. But at least she has Niall, or does she?


12. Gasping for air

No young readers!! This chapter gets steamy. Now I'm only 14. I do my best. The picture in the side the girl had blonde hair but pretend its brown. Sigh.  

But enjoy :) 


Courtney's pov

"Spring break you and me babe." Niall said as he smashed his lips on my cheeks. I laughed, we were walking out of the airport. We had finally arrived in California. Niall grabbed our bags and hopped into our rental car. The whole way there our hands locked together. I don't know if it was just me or what but Niall was trying to make this trip perfect. "We are here!" I laughed as Niall dragged me out of the car, "Niall our stuff." He laughed. "They park your car, they bring your luggage, we just check in and relax." I nodded. As Niall checked in I had wanted to go sit down but he kept me glued to his waist. I sighed. "No one is here niall." He shook his head. "That's what I thought when I moved." We finally got to our room. There was thankfully one king size bed. "Oh my there is only one bed. Where shall I sleep?" I said dramatically. Niall picked me up and sat me on the bed. "You shall not worry my dear, you can sleep with me." Niall said then he started trailing kisses down my neck. I was giggling when there was a knock at the door. I jumped off the bed leaving a sad puppy, so I blew him a kiss. I opened the door to see a women, with our bags. I thanked her and I was about to close the door when Niall handed her a ten. She smiled and walked away. "You tip them courtney." I shrugged "sorry how was I supposed to know. "So what do you want to do first?" I asked Niall as I neatly unpacked. I felt his hands as they held my waist and his cheek on my ear. "Oh in know." I chuckled. "Nooooo..... I mean recreational, and fun." He sighed. "It meets the requirements." I laughed. "Let's go get food." I said smashing my lips on his for a second. "You Courtney are a tease." I shrugged as we explored the hotel/resort. Well for once Niall didnt have food on his mind, he had sex on it. I heard him give a long sigh. "Can we just like eat in our room, jet lag is hitting me hard." I laughed as we walked back up to our room. Niall ordered as did I. We mainly got dessert. But I was fine with that.

As I laid down next to niall. I was looking right at his face. "Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?" He asked me. I smiled. "Yes plenty of times." He chuckled and wrapped me into his arms dragging me into his chest. I didn't complain. "I love you Courtney Williams." I smiled. "And I love you Niall Horan." He gently rubbed my back and soon we were both asleep.

I felt my self turn and roll over in my sleep. But what I didn't except to be woken up from Niall catching me. "Courtney if you sleep like that every day I'm putting a pillow barrier up." I tried to rub the sleepiness out of my eyes. "It only cuz you left." I said yawning. He smiled. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my make up kit and stuff for a shower.  

In the shower I shaved and washed my body. I opened the door to let all the steam out. I was wearing my bathing suit under neath, a sweater that was like something you'd wear with a camisole under it. I had started to do my makeup when Niall came rushing in. "Dont." I looked confused in the mirror. "Why?" "I hate when you wear all that and we are going to the beach it'll wash off." I smiled. "You just know how to get me." I said wrapping my arms around Niall's neck. "It's been far to long since My lips have touched those delicate, smooth, delicious, lips of yours." Niall said putting his hands on my waist. I smiled. "They're right here. Forever and always." He took that as an okay kiss me. I was containing a laugh. We were so pathetic. A couple in cali, technically Niall was being hunted and I was a weapon against him. And here we were making out in a resort bathroom. Probably a funny looking picture. From the outside I bet it looked like, two people hungrily kissing as if they'd never kiss again. And that's what it felt like. Every kiss was treated as if it was a last. I didn't want to stop but I knew if I didnt. "Niall I'm starving." I looked at him as he smirked. Then I knew what he was going to say. "Niall you are gross." I said pushing him away gently. He shrugged and scratched the back of his neck. "I am a guy." I chuckled. "Oh that explains it." I said as we walked hand in hand down to the cafe in the resort. I threw my hair up and Niall tried to mimicking my every move. I just laughed as ruffled through his blond shaggy hairdo. As we were in line Niall was in his usual position, arms wrapped around me and my head leaning on his chest. "Did I tell you that I love when you mess with my hair." I giggled. " no but now I know what to do to get something I want." He looked at me as we picked a table. "Courtney you could ask for the world and I would do my best to give it to you." I smiled and grabbed his hand. "All I want is you and nothin more." He smiled as he took a bite of his eggs.


"I'm so glad you moved to my town." I said as we laid on the beach. "No I'm so glad you lived there and that Dallas was a good guy."

Niall's pov

As soon as I said his name I felt her tense. "He won't be caught up in this will he?" Yes, he was a big part of my plan. But was I going to tell the women I loved that? No. "No. He's clueless." He nodded. "Good." "Now lets not think about that let's just live!" With that I picked her up and took her into the water. "Niall it's freezing." I laughed, "it'll warm up babe." She nodded." Her in her tiny bikini all her tan skin touching my pale skin. I intertwined my fingers with hers. She smiled. I grabbed her and wrapped her small form in my arms. "Courtney I don't know how many times I'm going to say I love you? Because I love you so much love isn't even strong enough." She looked up at me. Her brown eyes as beautiful as ever. "I love you too Niall. Just don't say anything and just kiss me, then ill know." I smiled as I gladly placed my lips on hers. "Let's not ever leave." She whispered against my lips. I smiled. "We are standing in the ocean with a bunch of other people who probably don't want there kids to see this stuff." She giggled. We walked back to our stuff on the sand. "Lunch?" I nodded.

The truth was I wanted to stay there. A perfect moment for memories. I watched her scrub herself off with her towel as she stepped in the shower. Then I did the same, removing the sand.

In the hotel room. I sat in the chair as she talked on. I was smiling at her as she moved about. The way she talked with her hands and her many facial expressions. The way her long chocolate brown hair would flow when she shook her head. The way it shined in the light. Then the way she would smirk. I'd miss it all. "Niall." She snapped in front of my face. I nodded. "Yes darling?" She smiled. "What are you thinking about." I chuckled. "This beautiful brunette who has sparkling brown eyes. And how her name is courtney." I watched her smile as she sat down on me, straddling me. "Do you know how much I want you?" She whispered in my ear. Which sent chills down my body. "So why haven't you claimed me?" I asked. She gave her devious smile. "Who says I wasn't going to?" She placed her lips on mine as our lips moved in sync I picked her up and laid her on the bed. I let her slip my shirt off. "Wait!" I said as I got up and went to the door, praying no one walked down the hall. They'd see a guy in nothing but swim trunks putting up the little sign that said privacy. I hurried back in to see Courtney sitting on the bed completely naked. I jumped on the bed throwing my shorts off. When I landed on the bed Courtney squealed. "Niall you're such a kid." I smirked. "Oh really would a kid do this?" I picked her up and sat her on my lap. I ran my hands down her bare body. I felt her shiver. "You took away all the fun." I nibbled on her ear. "Well you had to put up that sign so, I didn't wait up." I laughed as I rolled my eyes. "You're truly beautiful." She smiled her brown eyes sparkling. I trailed kisses down her neck and onto her chest. She let out a small moan. I trailed them down her stomach then when I was right by her vagina she stopped me. "Niall pplesse don't do that, personally I think it's gross if you 'eat' me then go kiss me." I smiled "you are something else" but I obeyed her preference. As I moved my hands up her thigh. My hand grazed her clit, on accident I only knew i did because when she gasped. I chuckled.

Courtney's pov

Niall came up to my face as I moved my hands down his smooth muscular back. I found his (what ever you guys want to call it. I prefer his length. I didn't want to be crude and flat out say dick. Courtney doesn't say stuff like that) length I grabbed it and started to go back and forth. Aka a handjob. I heard Niall let out a deep moan. Niall gently pulled my hand off him and he spread my legs. "I'm claiming you first, you snooze you lose." I giggled as Niall entered me. I let out a gasp of pain then I moaned as he thrusted into me. "I love you Niall but It was my idea." I whispered as my hands scratched his back lightly. "I love you more courtney." 


Whew steamy!!! Lol that's going to be like the theme of their vacation. Steamy. Lol.

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