Satan's Day

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  • Published: 1 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 16 Nov 2013
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It's Halloween, or Satan's Day, and those who have committed crime are stalked by the Devil, who on this day ascends to heaven to take his place as God. In a string of events one man finds his past the subject of Satan's games, and finds his end on Satan's Day...


1. Satan's Day



   The Moon shone brightly in the black night sky and the man walked home surrounded by those who celebrated Satan’s existence and attributes for fun. He saw humanity pretending to be monsters and evil things, as decorations turned homely places full of love into hellish domains dripping with the anti-Christ. The yellow light of the flickering street lamps acted as anaesthetic to the man’s eyes, and they squinted and closed as if going to sleep, while God’s tears on this day fell. The man knew something was to happen to him today, as whispers and warnings seen in the past three months, sixteen days, nine hours and thirty-seven minutes seemed to converge on the 31st of October, or Satan’s Day. He was told: “My spawn that you see on Halloween night, will be the end and beginning of your life.”

   The man shuddered as he walked down the street, unprotected by the Lord, as on this day he dies, and Satan ascends to the heavens and takes his place as God. The man stopped outside a house where he saw a pumpkin perched on the front step. The light flickered behind its hollow, skeletal eyes, and the jagged lines of its mouth (he could’ve sworn) dripped a drop of blood. He continued on his way and saw at the next house an axe stuck on the window. Something so historical yet blood curdling, twisted his brain as he began to remember things he had tried to forget. He stepped again through Satan’s Day, to see a door with a fake severed hand hanging from the front door. This vile thing was meant to be seen as a joke, but to some it was recent reality. It looked just like that hand, and before anybody could hold it against him, he continued through the night. At another door he saw a plastic snake, its tongue hanging out as if to bite him. It was green, and looked familiar. Its beady black eyes eyed the man as he hurried past, keen to survive on Satan’s Day.

   The man was then taken out of his imagination and plunged into reality, as he heard people shout and scream with glee, and the rustle of Satan’s Food. His eyes widened and to those around he looked scared, and as he walked a drunken wretch walked behind him suddenly shouted: “Alright darling! Nobody’s going to hurt you! Let me wrap my charms around you! I’ll keep you safe!” At this point the other hags of humanity laughed and shrieking arose, but behind them a jagged blade rose to their heads.

   The shy man continued, as he had been shy for three months, sixteen days, nine hours and thirty-seven minutes. Being shy and hiding are two different things, and this man and the people around him couldn’t differentiate the two. Behind him he heard the hags scream with a different tone, but only thought them fakes of Satan’s. They were not fakes anymore. They were not alive anymore. The man jumped and screamed as he saw red and green flash through the sky, personifying Satan’s delight and glory in the form of fireworks. He had always believed Satan’s colours were those of red and green as humanity decided they represented evil. The man did not see a flickering face behind him with large eyes and a glowing orange presence. It let out a shrill scream, and the man mistook it for wind. The face then sparked and dispersed into dust, and unfortunately, you can’t see dust. This man who held Satan’s Words in his head stopped when he saw a bush. It looked just like that bush.

   He had never been so scared by this bunch of green, and because of this feeling he ran his hands through it. In a fit of anger he began to shred the bush, and the leaves found themselves flung on the floor in anger. Tears streamed down the man’s face as Satan’s words became clearer. Why was a game being played? The man finally found what he hoped wasn’t there, and from the twig he took a piece of rectangular cloth that had latched onto the wood. His mouth stuttered and his eyes opened and the sheer shock of his discovery overtook him for several seconds. He took the cloth and looked down at his trousers to see a rectangular hole. He held the cloth to the hole and realised it was the same piece. He cried in fear, as this bush had travelled several hundred miles in distance, and three months, sixteen days, nine hours and thirty-seven minutes in time… that or thereabout.

   Looking back at the cloth made his fingers twitch, but they did not as the cloth wasn’t entwined in his trembling fingers. Startled, he looked back at the bush to see the cloth back where he found it, and to see a hand pick it up. Not his hand or his body. There was no body. A hand drifted through the air, and gently tugged the cloth taking it from the twig. A faint voice said one word, and with that he saw the image of the hand placing the cloth in a small plastic back, and sealing it. He screamed but somehow could not move as he watched the cloth and the hand disintegrate into dust.

   Several silent moments passed and the man leaned closer to the twigs and poked them with his finger. The twig was real, and very much embedded in the soil. Feeling a twitch on his hand, he turned them over to look at both palms, to see them dripping blood. He screamed with fear again and stumbled pack away from the bush, his eyes shut. He stumbled into the road still screaming, and opened his eyes just to see a car swerve past him, and the driver to cry out. The man turned to watch the car drive on, but there was no car. He looked at his hands. There was no blood. He looked back where he started. There was no bush.

   He blinked and rubbed his eyes, but saw nothing different. The man did not walk home. He ran. He ran down the road as fast as he could, knowing something was hot on his heels. He kept glancing back on Satan’s Day, to ensure he was not followed, but he was stalked. Unfortunately you cannot see dust…

   The man looked behind him again and stared at the desolate road for several seconds, before turning back in his running direction. With a scream, he stopped as he saw a largely built man. The new man had short hair and was dressed in a tracksuit with an earring on his nose and ear. The new man stared at the shy or hiding one, and growled. The new man breathed heavily, and opened his mouth. The shy man heard no words, only noise, and the new man pounded a fist on his shoulder like a sign of brotherhood. The shy man stepped back begging to be left alone, but the new man walked after him. The walking turned into jogging, and the jogging into running.

   The shy man kept looking back at the menacing new man, and stared at him for several seconds, before turning back in his running direction. What he saw was the end of the story. He was back where he started, and he saw the hags of humanity lying dead in a high mound. He did not scream here, just gasped, as he saw the cuts had been made to their heads, made by what looked like a jagged blade. The menacing man behind him was gone, and he was left alone with the corpses and consciousness on Satan’s Day.

   Then, all at once he saw his story Satan had haunted him with.  It was a full Moon that day, and the yellow light of his torch hurt his eyes in the dark. It rained hard that night, and the man realised that some of the story was in the wrong order. The axe stuck on the window represented the one he carried, and the fake hand represented the people he murdered. The Pumpkin showed the fire he burned the people he murdered on, and the drop of blood that dripped out of the fireplace. He recalled seeing the person’s pet snake watching him as he disposed of the body, and the screaming from the hags of humanity showed the screams of the victim. This murder happened three months, sixteen days, nine hours and thirty-seven minutes ago. Since then he had been in hiding. The hags were not fakes anymore; they were real as they lived in hell with Satan because they were dead, like that victim. The lights showed the police cars at the scene, and that bush was touched by the man’s trousers as he tried to make his escape. The police put it in that bag, as it was evidence of the murder.

   The blood on his hands showed just that, and the swerving car and the crying man showed him and the car he stole to get away. The large, menacing man was the person who made the man in hiding do it, and made him carry out the murder. The man had witnessed Satan’s spawn on Halloween, and saw the beginning of his criminal life relating to Satan… but he hadn’t seen the end yet.

   “Why are you doing this!” the man cried out, sick of Satan’s games. He soon realised why Satan had played this game on this night, because this was the only day Satan could control the world. This was Halloween, or Satan’s Day, the only day when Satan can ascend and take control of the world, and do with as he pleases. This day he had decided to purge all those murderers, which may seem a help to the good of humanity, but also good for him, as he will have all the souls that escaped God’s judgement. This way they will forever be Satan’s captives, and forevermore be trapped in hell, being at the mercy of Satan, for him to torture and control them for the rest of eternity.

   Satan was clever, it could be said more clever than any other being, as he has revenge to think about, and that thought makes the cogs of the brain work faster. It gave Satan the thrill, and every year on His day, he takes those that should be rightfully his and plunges them into his domain, so he can laugh and torture them for eternity. Nobody can see it coming, because He knows there is no evidence as to whether He exists or not, and because of this, He is undetectable.

   The man was horrified, as for so many months he believed that nobody would be able to find him, and uncover the truth about the murder he was forced to commit. He was part of that gang with the menacing man, and a bargain was done. The man had tried to banish it out of his mind, but it resulted in this murder, the one thing about his life he could not banish. In a war like this on His day, Satan won’t lose, and all those guilty will be taken. The only way to be taken into Satan’s domain is to die.

   So, the man saw his criminal life around him, and the flickered orange face reappeared, and was that of Satan’s. He let out a shrill scream, and the man might’ve known that Satan was present earlier, but dust in a dark night can’t be seen. Nobody saw it, not even the man, as out of the dust by Satan’s hand, a jagged blade rose to the man’s head: “I have been waiting to take you.” The words here were quietly heard a thousand times, but not by those innocent, only by those with guilt in their mind, on this day named ‘Satan’s Day.’

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