Every Dog Gets Its Day

Everybody gets a special day which they get adored on.


1. Every Dog Gets Its Day

Every dog gets it day

When it says hip,hip hooray

When it gets to run and play

Yes,the dog who will get its time?

A dog who will shine?

A woofer who gets to dine?

For my day I'm first in line

It's true!It's true!I never knew!

I got my day and so will you!

Yes I mean you,Edward,Rosie,Sue

You'll get your day too!

On my day I took pride In every step and every stride

I made friends with all that I spied

On my day I didn't hide

Everything will go right

You won't get anything incorrect,false or wrong

You'll never miss a note in song

Because on your day Everything goes YOUR way!

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