Darkened Frost( one direction not famous)

About A Girl Who Is Dark,Emo and and lonely she starves herself and she barley talks in school and she thinks she's ugly and fat and will never get a bf that will love her the way she is but it gets worse one direction are in her school and they bully her but she sings in her room to express her feelings but what happens when Louis becomes her tutor....


11. Royal Wedding&Mom

~~sky's pov
soon after we arrived at the place i got out followed by the guys soon guards formed around me "keep walking" a guy said pushing me "don't push me" i said angry pushing him back soon we all stopped walking i got pushed to the front by the same guy "i said don't fucking push me" i said more angry i looked ahead to see a lady and guy sitting on the throne the women smiled at me like i was her daughter "ahh hello dear" he said i bowed "your majesty im sorry for my language before" i said looking at the ground "no need to bow" the lady spoke i raised my head to see her in front of me "u are the lost princess of this kingdom "she said looking at me "u must have the wrong girl" i said backing away "can i see ur wrist" she said i nodded and showed her my wrist "every princess is born with a gold key on there wrist and u have it  so ur my daughter also known as the princess" she said "really is that u mom" i said and tears started forming in my eyes she nodded i ran to her and gave her a hug i cried in her shoulder she wiped the tears away and kissed my head i looked at the guy "is he my dad " i whispered "yes " i smiled "dad?" i said walking to him he got up and hugged me " i missed u guys a lot " i said in his neck " i missed u to" he said i pulled back "lets take a tour around the kingdom shale we" mom said holding out her hand  i reached for her hand (skipping the tour)

boys arrive at the kingdom

"oh " " My" "god" harry, niall and Louis said at the same time i ran from the garden and held my dress running to the gates "babe" i yelled opening the gates and hugging Lou i hugged the other boys come on i want u to meet my parents i said grabbing there hands i took them to my mom and dad "dad mom this is niall,zayn,Liam,harry and Louis  my boyfriend" i said hugging lou 'nice to meet u" they said she nodded (later in the garden) while i was feeding a baby deer milk i heard a couch i turned around to see Louis on his knees i backed up and gasped "sky i love u so much i have been falling in love with u every second  will u marry me " he said holding a diamond ring  "yes" i said and kissed him he slipped the ring on my finger i giggled and kissed him more


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