Darkened Frost( one direction not famous)

About A Girl Who Is Dark,Emo and and lonely she starves herself and she barley talks in school and she thinks she's ugly and fat and will never get a bf that will love her the way she is but it gets worse one direction are in her school and they bully her but she sings in her room to express her feelings but what happens when Louis becomes her tutor....


6. omg help

Harrys pov

i walked to school with the lads 'Louis why do u like sky " i said glancing at him while walking "she's cute, funny, adorable, nice, and sweet" he said i nodded my head and headed to are lockers "guys i hear there is prom this week " i said while closing my locker "im taking Claire "niall said "im taking frost "Liam said "im taking perrie" zayn said "im taking lotus" i said "imma  ask sky to prom at lunch "Louis said 

sky's pov

i went to my locker and got my books out i heard harry call my name "yo sky i heard u are going with ur dog to prom" he yelled in the hallway and everybody looked at my im so embarrassed i turned around to see harry facing me " uh i no idk maybe' i stuttered soon i felt harry slap me "i fell to ground i winched in pain "see u later bitch' he spat and left i got up and headed to class with my books [lunch time} i went to my new friends and talked to ecother "omg Liam is so hot" frost said i giggled just then everything went quiet i turned around to see Louis with a mic in  his hand also with flowers in the other hand

~~1st VERSE - G B7 Em D
My heart is beating, my pulse is rushing
It's been in my head, I'm losing focus
There's just been something on my mind

The chance arrives, but my mind clouds up
The words escape me, I'm all choked up
I just never thought I'd be enough

PRECHORUS - C G D x2; C D G B7 Em; C D
So as you can see, I can be a little bit awkward, a little bit shy
I just, get so nervous every time
One thing, one question, that I've been meaning to ask you
So please, could you give it a try?

So what do you say, you and I,
Let's put our lives, our work, our feelings aside,
And dance, just dance the night away
Yeah, just one night, I'll try, my best to make it worth your while
And so, on the count of three,
(One, two) will you go to prom with me?

2nd VERSE - G B7 Em D
Just take my hand, we'll dance like there's no tomorrow,
All dressed up, like we're ready to go so,
Say yes and leave it all to chance,

Our hearts will sing to the beat of the drums,
We'll scream the chorus to every song,
Come with me and we'll make each moment last,



BRIDGE - Am D Em x2; Am D G B7 Em C D
If you say no things will be alright,
In the end it was worth a try,

I wish you could see, I'd rather have you standing next to me,
I couldn't ask for anything better,
So what's it gonna be?


when he was dead i looked at him i stood up " yes i would be glad to go to prom with u " i said and kissed him he smiled and kissed back everyone cheered i blushed and sat down and louis left with the boys shouting she said "yes" lol i smiled {end of school} i walked to the mountains 'yo bitch i said i was Gonna get u back ' harry said and ran after me i dropped my stuff and ran in the hills good i was a fast runner when i looked back i saw harry 1 feet away from me i sped up and when i reached the top i saw a cliff "oh no" i said i turned around to see harry smirking "think u can run away from me " he said mad  i stepped back while a couple of rocks fell from the cliff i looked down to see water when i looked at harry he was getting closer to me before i could say anything i fell off the cliff and landed in the water i tried to go up but it was to deep  started sinking in the water soon i hear someone come in the water i couldn't move i was numb it was to cold for me to move soon my eyes closed and it turned pitch black....


what's Gonna happen will sky get saved by Louis or will she just fade in the water find out on darkened frost  MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVORR!!


BYE ;3


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