Darkened Frost( one direction not famous)

About A Girl Who Is Dark,Emo and and lonely she starves herself and she barley talks in school and she thinks she's ugly and fat and will never get a bf that will love her the way she is but it gets worse one direction are in her school and they bully her but she sings in her room to express her feelings but what happens when Louis becomes her tutor....


2. Louis Kidnapped Me??

Louis pov

I grabbed sky and shoved her in the car and drove to my house she looked at me " u are going to be staying with me and the boys for 6 years" I said looking at the road "what" she said almost screaming she groaned " so not fair" she mumbled I sighed and got out of the car " c'mon" I said she came out and followed me I opened the door "were home" I yelled

sky's pov

 I groaned why me !! all the boys came rushing down the stairs and looked at me harry looked at me and smirked I looked at Louis " she's going to be staying here so be good " he said Liam grabbed my hand and lead me to Louis room " you will be sleeping with Louis while u are here" Liam said Liam left and Louis came and locked the door " so u need help with any homework " Louis said and sat close to me I shook my head and looked at the ground just then I felt Louis finger lift my check and look at me " wooow u have pretty eyes" he said " ty' I said Louis moved the strand of my hair away from my eyes " um can I go get something to drink" I said and stood up " yea sure " he said getting up and grabbing my hand when we got downstairs I went to the fridge and got a cola I went in the cupboard and standed on my toes to get it just them I felt someone smack my butt I turned around to see harry standing there smirking I snorted in disgust and grabbed a glass and poured my drink "nice ass" he whispered I sipped my drink and looked at Louis why does he have to be cute I said in my head just then I saw Louis looking at me and coming over to me ..... oh gawd he caught me ...

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