Its About A Girl In School WhoGets Bullied And No One Likes Her Including Her Crush Named Michal But Then 5 Boys Joined Her School When She Meets Them And Hangs Out With Them Will She Fall For Them Or Will She Still Have Feelings For Michal


9. Waking Up&Fire!

ellie's pov

i woke up to someone talking and a beeping noise i looked around when i looked near the door i saw niall talking with the nurse 'is she going to be ok'' he said playing with his fingers "yea she will need help to walk when she wakes up and cut stuff for a few days" she said niall nodded his head when he saw me looking at him he hugged me tightly "what's going on" i groaned " u fainted last night so the doctors gave u some medicine so u might be woozy a little for a few days' i nodded "u guys can leave now when i tried to stand up i failed and almost fell but niall caught me he held my hand and held me walk when we got home i started cutting some apples when i tried it just fell on the ground "motherfucker" i mumbled the boys looked at me while cutting the rest i picked it up and tried again he did the same the boys looked at me worriedly again i sighed and slammed the knife down and ran upstairs crying and slammed the door  i heard the boys talk " i will go get her " harry said i heard him come up i went outside on the balcony and looked at the view i heard the door open "dinners ready" harry said "not hungry " i said when i looked near the tree i saw fire with a puppy trapped in a cage 'omg" i yelled and ran downstairs "what's going on" they said i ran outside ignoring them i ran to the fire i coughed the boys followed me and saw the fire "ellie!" i heard zayn yell "we got to help her" niall yelled "if she doesn't come in 6 min im going in after her' i heard Liam say i heard the puppy whining soon i felt the cage i knelt down and unlocked the cage and held the puppy in my arms and coughed just then a tree branch hit my arm i yelped and moved fast i went the opposite side and crawled on the ground to safety when i got out of the smoke i coughed a lot the puppy stayed next to me i held her close just then someone saw me holding the pup and ran to me "can we get oxygen now" he yelled running up to me i chocked and coughed "don't. Take..the ..plz" i chocked out he nodded his head the firefighter carried me away from the smoke then they boys saw me "ellie" harry yelled he ran to me the firefighter gave me a mask i breathed through it "she's going to be ok she just has smoke in her lungs when niall saw me he noticed me holding a puppy "you saved that pup didn't u" niall said looking at me i nodded i held it tight i took the mask off "thanks " i said to the firefighter "awww he is adorable" zayn said "imma name it .. clarity " i said and hugged it  clarity licked my chin i giggled and we went back home


hello guys hope u enjoyed so yea! Bye

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