Its About A Girl In School WhoGets Bullied And No One Likes Her Including Her Crush Named Michal But Then 5 Boys Joined Her School When She Meets Them And Hangs Out With Them Will She Fall For Them Or Will She Still Have Feelings For Michal


4. Niall I....

1 year later

hi woke up next to niall i giggled to myslef and traaced his abs with my finger i went closer to him and kissed him i got up and went to the bathroom and took a shower when i got out i remembred i forgot my clothes  i wrapped my towel around me and went to my dresser to get my clothes when i was putting on my large tee shirt i felt hand wrap around me i turned around to see niall smirking "i like  the view babe" he said and winked i giggled i went out on the balcony in my lazy outfit and watched the sunset rise

nialls pov

i went fownstaris quick " imma propose to her mates" i said excited " u might get some suga if u know what i mean" louis said " yeaa i do" i said i went back upstairs and got the ring i walked towoard the balcony door " wish me luck" i mumbled to myslef

enchantes pov/ ellie

i sighed when i turned around i saw niall on one knee with a ring in his hand i gasped " ellie i have been inlove with u ever since i saw u and met u these past few years were great will u marry me" niall said smileing i looked at him " yes i will marry u: i said and kissed him he slipped the ring on my figer and kissed me back i giggled i smiled against his lips and played with his hair " wanna go out to dinner " niall said ''sure " i said  i put on my tight gold dress and put on my gold sneakers and did my make up and hair then i waited for niall downstaris

skipping the dinner


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