Its About A Girl In School WhoGets Bullied And No One Likes Her Including Her Crush Named Michal But Then 5 Boys Joined Her School When She Meets Them And Hangs Out With Them Will She Fall For Them Or Will She Still Have Feelings For Michal


3. Moving With The Boys

Hello guys its the author here um i need some fans cause i have none sadly but plz fav and hit that fan button i will love u forever and become a fan of u and update maybe 2 chapters a day depends  ok well on with the story and stay fabulous

Enchanted Pov

I looked at niall " does that mean we are dating " I said happy " yea " he said and put his hand on my cheek I looked down and blushed " hey babe can I like live with u and the boys till I find a place to stay cuz my friend is going to Paris "I said a little nervous " sure baby" and he kissed my cheek I went up to my room and packed all of clothes in my bag I went to my dresser and looked at a photo of me and my bestie Kathy I put it in my bag " u ready" niall yelled from downstairs " yea" I said and headed outside to niall I got in the car and niall drove " what happens if harry hurts me and all this shit " I said " I will protect u with all my heart " niall said I giggled and kissedism oving and she dosent wanna live be herslef " niall said and gripped my hand i looked at harry he was smiling evily i shiffted uncomfortable   " um im gonna unpack" i said and headed to nialls room and unpacked my stuff when i was down i put on a fresh new t shirt and bra right when i was going to clip my bra i felt someones hand on my waist and the hand squeeze my butt i yelped softley i turned around to see niall " niall um can u help me with my bra : i said and pointed to my boobs he looked at me and winked " sure babe " he said and did my bra i put on a nialls tee shirt and tied my hair in a messy bun i grabbed my laptop and went on Fb { 10 min pass} " babe dinners ready " niall said i went downstaris " um im not that hungry right now " i said " do u have a cold or just dont wanna eat" niall said i placed his hands on my forehead then niall looked at me shocked " ur forehead is burning up babe u go rest and i will get u some icecream" i giggled and went upstairs an waited for icecream when i heard a knock i opened the door to see harry " ugh" i said and closed the door but harry put his foot in between the door " ur lucky that u cant go to school tomorrow cuz i would have done something" he said and left soon niall came " babe can u stay home tomorrow with me " niall said with puppy eyes " fine fine" i said and kissed him soon



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