Changing Places -One Direction-


1. Amber Dhillon

Amber Dhillon at your service :)



Name: Amber Cassie Dhillon.

Age: 19

Job: Private Nurse.

Personality: Responsible yet carefree and wild when the time is right.

Boyfriend: Jonothan -Jon-  Smith.

Bestfriend: Alanah Timothy.

Parents: Ronald Dhillon and Sarah Dhillon.

Siblings: Carter Dhillon - 23 year old boy -

Lives: Oxford, London.

Hobbies: Painting and reading.

Music she likes: One direction and Justin Bieber. 

Dislikes: Smokings, drugs, alcohol and s-l-u-t-s.


Thanks for reading my profile :)




Peace out girl scout. :)



Aye Aye. x_x







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