Don't Call Me That!

Meet Amanda West .
A dad in jail,5 perfect brothers and sisters and of course a shortage of friends.At school everybody accuses her and her family of being gypsies.Because of her smiley attitude she makes friends with Maria.Let's just hope things better.


1. Meet The West's

Chapter 1.Mest The West’s

Before we begin let me get something straight having a big family does NOT make you a gypsy it might just mean your mother is a drop-dead supermodel and meets loads of hunky men who abandon her when she gets pregnant.Ahem!

I'll start by showing you my weird and wonderful family.Before you read their descriptions just know I am not responsible for any deaths due to lack of water due to lack of water after excessive cries of pity.

First our latest "dad" movie star John Welsh,he was the twins' dad.He had short black hair which looked constantly untidy.We barely saw him at home and he barely took notice of us,I bet he didn't even know my name!

Next is the one and only Kate West,the supermodel on every magazine.My mum had bouncy hair with lucious red lips and startling blue eyes. I guess I was a disappointment to her since I had none of her features except maybe her million dollar smile.

Now we have Jessica, she was one half of the oldest of the six of us kids. She was like a mini mum not because she was kind ,sweet and all that jazz but because she looked like a mini version of mum, she was allowed make-up. I wasn’t.

After Jessica we have Isaac, Jessica’s twin and the Daddy Swagger of the family. He was THE most popular guy in his school. No one would guess that nobody Amanda West was his little sister. At school Isaac and I were strangers, he didn’t mutter a hello or glance in my direction.

Then we have Simon, he was short for his age and really shy. I don’t think I had ever heard his voice before. He was forever reading and was the smartest in his class by far.

The twins were only 5 and were cute and adorable, the world’s words not mine. They both always had their blonde hair in pig tails, they almost always got what they wanted when they didn’t it was because I wouldn’t give it to them.

I was definitely the odd one out in my family ,instead of having blonde hair I had long tangled, black hair which  always got into my eyes. I was also the middle child which made it much worse.

Out of all of us kids I had the worst dad. He was a criminal. In  jail serving a long sentence for assaulting 10 men while drunk.

It was the last day of the summer holidays and I was completely utterly B-O-R-E-D bored!

I didn’t want to start school. I was going to a different school from Jessica and Isaac because I was too stupid to be let through the golden doors.

I looked left and right the somersaulted on the couch perfect landing except I broke the remote.


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