Good Luck Charm.....

Emily Jones is 17 years old. She was invited to her best friends house, but while she was walking she felt she was bieng followed. She was creeped out and started to walk faster. She was kidnapped. By who?? You should read this movella and find out!!
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN my good luck charm......


3. Chapter 3:

Emily POV:

" Oh shit " I spat. " who are they? " asked Liam. " My god as parents " I said. " where do you think you are going young lady " my mm spelled mad. " oh we're going at it again " get inside the house now " my dad yelled. That made me shut up. " LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE " Zayn yelled. The other four boys took me to the car while zayn was fighting. Louis went with Zayn and Louis came back with blood stainsand also zayn.  I looked trough the window and my parents were laughing like sycos. " so you're not a Virgin anymore huh" Niall said. I shook my head. " the first time he raped me when I was 12 and then the second time was when I was 15. My dad raped me the first time in my house in front of mmy mom and my mom didn't do anything and the second time while I was in the beach he raped me" I said crying. " ok forget about that " Louis said giving me a bear hug. " thanks" I said. " now does anyone have food I'm starving " I said. " that's what I keep saying " Niall said. We laughed. We arrived at nandos before heading to my new house. We arrived at nandos and ate and then arrived at the flat. It was huge it was a mansion. " let's go in the pool " Liam yelled. The boys nodded I just stayed frozen looking at the house not paying attention. " you want to go to the pool?" Louis asked. I nodded snapping back to reality. " everyone go change and ill show Emily her room and so she can change." Zayn said. " this is the guess room but now it's youre room we have more rooms that can be the GUEst room " zayn said opening a door with a big room. I looked everywhere. It had a waterbed, carpets, a small kitchen, a mini fridge, microwave, a walk in closet, a bathroom inside the room. " I never want to leave " I said. Zayn laughed. " oh there is a couple of clothes in there there were my sisters she didn't want them no more so she gave the, to me and I put them in the closet " he said. " we'll go shopping for clothes tommorow " he said. " thanks and I'm going to change into a bikini " I said and he left. 

This is my bikini

I put my hair in a ponytail and put sandals on and grabbed a towel and went downstairs. All eyes were on me. " she looks hot " Niall said to zayn and zayn was giving a punch to Niall. I laughed. We went to the pool. I saw down on a chair. I got picked up by zayn he stared at my eyes and I did the same. " are you going to throw her in " Liam screamed. " oh yeah " he said. " wait what " I screamed. He threw me in. " can I get help getting out " I said. " you can get out by you're self you're not fat " Harry said laughing. Liam gave me a hand and I pulled him in then the rest jumped in. " hey Emily " Niall said. " hey " I said back. " so I was kinda wondering if you would want to order a pizza with me i kind hate talking to pizza people because there like is this Niall horan from one direction I would say yes and they would scream and I can't order pizzas. " he said. I nodded and went to order pizzas. This was going to be a long day.

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